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Web Dev Jan 22 Meeting

posted Jan 22, 2014, 4:06 PM by Margaret Riel   [ updated Feb 7, 2014, 11:58 AM ]

Jan 22 - Web Development Meeting

Attending: Linnea, Margaret, Michael, and Miguel

1) Welcome and checkin with each other.  Reminder to vote for AERA- ballots are out.

Reports for each of us on progress from our last priority

Site Look and Feel -- Margaret

   Site successfully renamed to

   Reordered the pages to highlight ways to particpate

Move to less text and more graphics

Issue of making changes to the Spanish side.

Automatic translation is a problem

Process to disable this fucntion was supplied by Michael

  1. Click Toolbar's wrench  icon..
  2. On the Tools tab, click the Edit link in the 'Translate' section.

  3. Select (or deselect) the 'Offer page translation' checkbox.

  4. Click Save

Membershp Issues 
    1. Membership listing on the two sites-- how to keep current

current solution of importing english page on the spanish site works but is not elegant. 

NEED to a solution to the member listing. Two ideas:

1. Get prophet to generate a report that could be posted on both sites and updates

2. Create a single spread and post the spreadsheet on both sides

Consistency on the website is need about membership rate. Both new and old rates

are shown.


To do: Linnea will follow up with Cathy (membership) and Iris (database).

     Possible solutions are prophet

     or a commom spreadhsheet linked to the site.

Need to check what members are asked to list-- make sure that information to share on the website is requested.

She will also check with Cathy about changing the membership page on stories so it shows the correct rates. 

Michael will contact Brett and see what it takes to update the membership map.

Spanish/English coordination


Margaret is going to change the structure on the Spanish side to match the English side, 

Miguel, Camilo and Constance will translate

New Graphics

Margaret will create a graphic for Join us in Spanish using this translation

join us = ¡únetenos!   

Linnea is going to try to create graphics as well

Margaret uses this site to buy graphics


Conference sites

     Michael will contact Brett about working with the new group for next conference-- connections to proceedings team

I will contact Brett to see what he did while I was absent and then talk with him on how we move forward. Add members to G map.

New items for use to work on. --


1) User survey

2) Working group support

3) Links to the The Palgrave  international Handbook of action research will be need in the future

(link is provided for preview)