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Web Dev Feb Meeting

posted Feb 28, 2014, 12:58 AM by Margaret Riel   [ updated Feb 28, 2014, 12:58 AM by Margaret Riel ]

February 26, 2014

Web Development Group of ARNA Meeting

Margaret Riel

Linnea Rademaker

Pending Issues:

  1. Membership section
  2. Overhaul of structure of English side and matching files on the Spanish side.
  3. Translation of the text on the Spanish side
  4. Translation of "join us" graphic
1) Membership
 Online Directory:  We still need a better plan for displaying the members.  In discussion we worked out a plan. We created a test page and tried uploading a spreadsheet.  We used a listing of conference attendees which we thought was a membership list.  It served as a model while we worked out the details. 
Decision:  We will use an attached google spreadsheet -- 
Action: We worked out the headings and Linnea will send the headings to Iris and ask her to generate a spreadsheet with the current members

Member Participation We need a way for members to supply (and approve) what they would like listed on the website and a way to get this from both current and new members.  

Decision: We will create a google form that will be presented to members after they join.  This will ask for information and save it to the spreadsheet which may update automatically or may need to be updated manually on a weekly basis.  

Action: We need to create the form attached to google spreadsheet

             Send a message to current members directing them to the form and asking them to complete it. 

             Attach a message to the end of the enrollment process  (both on the website and at Moravian that directs members to the form. 

There will need to be cross checking  with current members information so that we do not lose information but ideally everyone will supply their own line. This same spreadsheet will be displayed on both the English and Spanish side. 


2) Reorganization of the Site

Margaret reported that the process of reorganizing the english side is complete and spanish side is almost a perfect match.  The goal is to have all of the page names in english and identical for both sites.  This way, if an english page is copied with links, the only change necessary will be to add sp after arnaconnect in the links and they should work.  This only works if pages have the same name and are in the same place.  So we need to be clear that page moving and renaming should always be approved by Margaret.  When new pages are created, care should be taken to give them the same name on both sites with the page name being as short as possible. 

Action: Continue to cross check that ll pages are identical in name and place in the directory 

3) Spanish Translation
 Since so much has been change, most of the pages need to have the English content moved to the Spanish side. So now we have a high need for translation. But we now have a team of 5 people willing to help with this. 

Action: Working on one page at time. 
           1) Check the English page and make sure they are identical before translating the text.
           2) If they are identical in name and position, then translate the text and save  

4) Design work 
 Margaret agrees to translate the "Join us" graphic to "¡Unetenos!" and replace the graphic on the spanish side.