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Web Dev Committee Meeting, Jan 23

posted Jan 23, 2013, 10:52 PM by Margaret Riel   [ updated Jan 24, 2013, 4:13 AM ]
 Meeting, Jan 23, 1pm

1) Introductions-- All committee members were present
and during introduction we learned that most of us not only teach action research but we teach it online.

2) Web development --shared with the committee and with the other committees.
The development of a website needs to have some planning, the development of a wiki needs guidelines. This is especially true as we will be working as team.  Web members all signed up for notifications so that they can monitor changes. This will help us be timely if there should be any spam or trouble that needs immediate attention. New users something delete the content of pages without realizing it.

We see the need for two documents
a) A Web Developers Guide for us so what we have some agreed on procedures, style guide and best practices (for example avoid "this year" which will be confusing next year... )
b) A Wiki protocol guide for other committee or ARNA members who want to develop sections of the website.

3) Working with other committees

Each committee has development space for their committee work 
Margaret agree to talk with the facilitators for each of the committees to see what format is best for their planning process.

4) Spanish-- English sites and how to grow them together

What are the processes we can set up to make this work
Major edits of information to the English site need to be communicated to Miguel
Part of the guidelines should be the addition of new webpages to both sides. 
A message to Miguel about the urgency of the translation of any new pages.

5 Announcement vs planning messages...
     Keeping in mind that the site is both a website and a wiki, we think it makes sense to make a distinction between the planning messages of the organizing committee and the Announcements  to the all members.  
So Margaret is going to change planning messages to announcements and create a new planning blog roll for the Organizing  committee. She will sort out which are planning messages and which are announcements.

6) Mapping as a meeting tool.
Brett has created the map with membership indicated. We need to talk about the process of making sure that new members get on the map. Also we need to work at getting more sites in South America and Canada.

7) Sponsorship 
We discussed how to feature sponsors. Kathryn suggested a footer in the opening page and is ready to add the sponsors we have with university graphics. She will check with Joe about who to add. We need to review the sponsor sheet and be very clear on what a university gets in return for the different selections. We have to specify in detail what a university receives in return for a sponsorship.

8) Shelley Boniwell is working on registration form for the conference, and I know she needs to be in the loop with Web group re: adding the form to the web site. We agreed that a Google form would work for registration and Kathryn agreed to work with Shelly on this.

Meeting time was set as the 4th Wednesday of the month

To Do List:

1) Webmaster guide: Margaret and Kathryn
             site monitoring
             time table and assignments for checking links.

2) Protocols and Procedures for adding to the web site: Linnea and Brett (for members, who see it as a Wiki, and who can change any page, but cannot change the look and feel of a page) any addition to the english side has to be made to the spanish side as well. (add in English if you must, and someone will translate) for small corrections fixed in English, send to Miguel so he can fix in Spanish.

3) Margaret will work with the committee members to see what sort of website space they want and how much help they want from us for setting it up. 

4) Margaret will create Announcements and planning space for the organizing committee and explain the difference to the organizing committee

5) Kathryn will work with Shelley to make a registration form on the website

6) Linnea contact membership committee to see how to promote membership...