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Update on the Web Reorganization

posted Aug 14, 2014, 1:27 AM by Margaret Riel
Hi Web-Dev group,

This message is also directed to ARNA en Espanol group... 

I think I have recreated the website on the spanish side.  I have two more things to do 
1) Operations Committees... I am going to save that for tomorrow. 
2) Announcements... seeing which ones are missing 

We are ready to start the translation process.  I suggest that someone translate the first page immediately as it is not very reassuring to go to the Spanish side and be hit right away with English.

I am also going to suggest that someone be identified for each of these sections of the website-- they should subscribe to the changes of these pages on both the English and Spanish side so that they see when pages they are responsible for are changed.:

      WEB WIKI PAGES                     Person who is in charge of translation

Home pages and About ARNA     _____________________

Announcements:                       _____________________

Members and Groups                  ____________________

Conferences                            _____________________

Knowledge Mobilization               ____________________

Resources & Q and A_             _____________________

This way we will know who is working with the different options and we can let them know when there might be a something that needs immediate translation. 

Translation Process

1) Click the Edit Button...

Header Translation 
Each page starts with a first line separated from the rest of the text with dotted lines. 
This is the name that appears in the red tabs so that when you translate the name, it will change in the menu.  Some of these are in Spanish but others are not. Please try to keep them shorter rather than longer. 

2) Text Translation
Copy a paragraph to MSWORD or Google Translate and translate the text.  Then copy back to the pace where you took it.  Text inside of tables will have to be done cell by cell. 

If a page get messed up when translating, you can either use the revision option (top of wheel menu next to edit pencil icon), or go to the English page and copy what you are missing (better to hit edit first and then copy). If you copy links, you will need to change them to the Spanish side (see below). 

3) Text Boxes and other Gadgets
If text is in a text box and does not appear in the edit page, use the option/setting wheel on the gadget to see and change the text in the text box. 

NOTE: The highlight from right to left highlights the whole paragraph, from left to right only what you choose.  I have been confused by this as I highlight a few words and then find that the rest of the paragraph is gone.  

When you are finished you can compare the page with the English page.  This will help you see if you lost any content or images as you were translating the text. 

High Priority
    Home pages (even the ones that are in production)
    Conference (when information about new conference appears)

Rachel, you might take note of how I organize the Collaborative Interest Group.  I think that these can have the language specified and then records will be kept in either English or Spanish (or other languages) and we will just link to the space where it is working.  At some point we will need to work with groups to help them with their space, but I don't think we need to translate these.  ARNA en Espanol can keep notes in Spanish and any groups that want to work in Spanish (or any other language can do that).  

Unless you see problem, please don't  
        1) Move the location of the page (under other options) (this changes links) 
        2) Rename the page (under other options- page settings) (this also changes links) 

The page url "name" is the same in both wikis so that we can easily change links when pages are copied from English to Spanish or Spanish to English. When copying a page, iall the links can be changed by adding "sp" at the end of arnaconnect so that the links will work on the spanish side and not link back to english side.  (if there isn't a page on the spanish side then we will need to create one). 

( I will also post this on the website.) 

See you on Wednesday at 2pm PT unless we change the time. 


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