September Web Tec Meeting

posted Sep 24, 2015, 12:42 AM by Margaret Riel

Web Tec Meeting AGENDA

September 23, 2015

Holly, Jamie, Margaret, Jennifer, Rich in attendance

(Note: The meetings during the summer month were small in size and focused on membership ideas, proceedings and general issues) 



We have begun the process of getting the web assets (videos, images, files)  into one place--ARNA Public Masters. Currently there are three folders here.  One for videos, one for web-linked or attached files, and one for us to keep files and  list the locations of assets in other places.


Site storage 84% of 100 MB used.  We should be able to move back to 40%.

We need to keep the size of the main website lean.  Two ways to do this.  

  1. Attach rather than upload files -- we currently have 260 files on the site.

Margaret created folders to represent the menu items and demonstrated the process of copying files and graphics to the  google drive.  She also showed how to move files that we think are no longer current in a folder called marked for deletion. We need tol go through every page this way until we know that all graphics are in this folder.  This makes it possible to reconstruct any page. Different people agreed to go through this process for different pages.

Rich will do this for the conference tabs

Holly will look through membership

Jennifer is looking through groups

Margaret will do about this website and history and other pages

2) remove the long history of revision.

There is no easy way to do this.  Once we have all of the assets in one place, we willl take the pages with the most revisions and copy them getting rid of the revisions giving us more space.  The home page is the hardest as the system does not want you change/rename or copy  the home page.  However we start on other pages and see how this affects the size limits.


Our collection of Conference  Photos are stored in the ARNA CONNECT Google+ Account

We will also store photos in a file in the ARNA CONNECT google+ account  

Sign in  as ARNA CONNECT (the password was set by Jamie and is known by the people on the web- dev team.


Margaret agreed to create a sheet listing the access permissions that have to be given to new members of the Web Tec  Community,  as well as an introduction letter.


Everyone agrees to review the website making sure that everything has been changed for the new year.  

Jennifer took on the task of writing to leaders to get graphics and videos for all of the people on the leadership team.

HELP FILES- Margaret will work on these once other tasks are done.


  • Jamie Hill  provided a brief update on the Conference Proceedings.  We decided that space on these websites was good for about 5 years and if we run out of space and are still on google sites in 5 years it will be easy to link a new site.


  • Rich McPherson, Video, Conference, Knowledge Mobilization, YouTube Channel

  • We agreed to keep these on the root site for now as once we have the practice of linking to attachments from the google drive, space should not be a problem.

  • Rich has been working on Conference 2016 page


Holly is going to write to John and ask for regular updates about the conference planning that can be twitted to followers.  These can be little news items like setting up hotels or find speakers or creating a plan for some part of the conference.  

And another way of doing this is to share news from our networking partners.  Margaret shared the listing of other networks and Jamie and Holly might reach out to people either on our executive community or at these networks to keep news coming out on a regular bases.

We also talked about featuring images from the image collection on facebook from time to time.