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Oct Web-Dev Meeting

posted Oct 29, 2014, 12:28 AM by Margaret Riel

ARNA Web Tec Meeting Oct 22 2014- 2:00pm PT

Attending:  Margaret, Jennifer, Miguel, Linnea


1 General Topics or Issues:

Rethinking the Spanish/English split with google translate doing the work for us.

          The coordinating committee approved this approach


  1. Check browsers to see if it comes automatically in different browsers

    1. works in chrome

    2. doesn’t work in firefox

  2. Embed the option to get to different languages  (on the side or on the page)

  3. Once the translation is embedded, remove all but the first page of Spanish site.

Action Items

Miguel is going to try Google Translation on ARNA in both Spanish and French and 

report back on both quality and length of time it takes to fix a page

Margaret is going to explore how to embed the transition option on either the template or on the web content page.

2. Reports from each of the people on their sections



Wrapper bar at the bottom of the template not acting as we wanted-- Jennifer and Margaret working on it after the meeting and fixed it.

Created a resource link for online teaching and added some references


work on the home page or sections in about ARNA

need video clips of current leaders  

Develop frequently asked questions  -- 

Also need to revise the tech help sections

Linnea --Membership -- Linnea

  1. Create ARNA certificate for members (Linnea is doing this, via Shelley’s templates), but we may want to add this to member benefits (that certificate will be emailed); add web link to flyer

  2.            Members page

    1. Membership form (she can fix this one

    2. Talk with Joe about changing the Movarian Site link

  3. Talk with Margaret about linking blog on website;

  4. Re-do membership page on website, with approved membership material for founding members, members, and institutional members. (need wire transfer possibility for payment? contact?)shelley?


Work on the membership section of the website and update the pages -- check with Joe about Moravian Membership  and Cathy

Jennifer - Groups

New template used to model new site for groups. This helped me learn about sites.  The new site looks like and links to/from the ARNA site, but is a separate site.  This is to help with growing size of ARNA site.

contacted Rachel Sherman - tried to set up a phone call.  I will send her my number again.

Rich - Conference


Has revised his pages and there is a map of the locations and he is continuing to work on this this.  2014 page has been revised and gives more information-- and 2015 is under construction.  

Action Items

doing a youtube gallery of videos from the conferences.