October 2015

posted Jan 27, 2016, 11:59 AM by Margaret Riel
I could not find the notes from the meeting....I think that only one person attended and we talked without recording minutes.  The task has been to 
move all ARNA documents into our public spaces so that if any person should be missing, we would not lose assets.  We are continuing in this 

Rich could not attend but he did send this report which indicates the work that he has contributed to this group effort:

Here is a list of items that I am working on. 

1) Checking on any further duplicated/missing files and cleaning them up (though I know you have already done an excellent job of this)

2) Download MASTER files from website to a folder for backup

3) Ensure all photos and videos that I have are uploaded to the actionresearchnetwork@gmail.com account. Video may have to go into a Dropbox because of size.

4) Create a word document that contains all links to videos live on our YouTube Channel so people have access quickly.

5) Edit Toronto Overview video

6) Update Facebook folders for photos

7) Update 2013 Conference web page to reflect newer look; link to old page as legacy