Nov/Dec Web Tech Meeting

posted Jan 27, 2016, 12:03 PM by Margaret Riel
ARNA Web Tec Meeting 
Nov/Dec Meeting on Dec 2 at 2pm PT 

Present: Jamie, Linnea, Jennifer, Margaret

1) Overview of site: 
      Leadership changes were not yet made in all places. 
      We edited the site so that all leadership was accurate
      We still need to get videos or written statements in the boxes. (Margaret will send email) 
2)  Cluster map updating  problems 
     Site was not updating -stuck on Oct 17 and Clustrmaps not responding to help requestst 
     Margaret Created a new map which seems to be updating.  
      On Jan 1, we should revisit what we want to have on the site. 
      Choice between Clustrmap and Revolving Maps (both have pros and cons
               -- both can be seen working on (, or (this a google site so it would look like this one)

3) Membership listing
    Any new members? Not appearing on the listing 
    Need to establish procedures for getting them added both to the sharing and to the member list
    Founding who have not renewed are stilled listed on the site.  What is the plan for removal of those that have not renewed?
    Brochure-- When is it going out?  We can use the content to create a webpage that features membership. 
    Blog... need to energize responses from the community.  Will announce posts on FB. 

     Jamie will work on update FB more often and including Peter Richmond's blog posts. 

     When is the brochure going out?  

     Who is writing the announcement for the new conference website?

    The  images from the membership brochure could renew the membership page __ Margaret agrees to do this.