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May 25th Web Dev Meeting

posted Jun 19, 2014, 12:01 AM by Margaret Riel   [ updated Jun 19, 2014, 12:11 AM ]
2:00pm PT

Attending: Linnea, Elena, Jennifer, Jenny, and Miguel

Introductions and working in Google Hangouts.
Since many people were new to google sites 
two resources to help with editing were suggested: 

We decided that we should all find and bring to the group (by email) examples
of websites where we liked the design and then some page frames for each
of the new four opening pages.

We discussed what would go on the opening page. We consider the
removing the menu and announcements and just having a video, banner and
four choices. The consensus was to keep the menu, and the announcements
and then offer the four choices. We considered the working and decided on:

  1. This is my first time visiting ARNA
  2. I am not a member (yet). 
  3. I am a member 
  4. I am looking for conference informationn
This is my first time visiting ARNA
  •         what action research is, why ARNA  and point to the history... 
  •         feature the origins video that we saw at the conference. 
  •         discuss why you might want to join
I am not a member (yet). 
  • The benefits of being a member and 
  • something about the working groups 

For the members
  • How to sign in and links to tech help
  • A short screencast on editing
  • listing in the directory and on the map
  • working groups and joining these 
I am looking for conference information
  • Some general information about our upcoming conference
  • links to past, present and future ARNA conferences 
To do: 

Share websites with designs we like (everyone)
Search of templates that might work (Margaret)
Create frames with the ideas that would appear on each page (everyone) 
Check with the executive committee about choices (Margaret) 
We set the time of meeting at 2pm PT so that Nate on the east coast could join at 5pm. 
The meeting is held on the last wed of the month but next month, June, it will be held
on the 18th of June.