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May 23 Meeting- At ARNA Conference

posted Jun 18, 2014, 11:30 PM by Margaret Riel   [ updated Jun 18, 2014, 11:33 PM ]

Attending:  Margaret Riel, Linnea Rademaker, Jennifer Robins, Elena Polush, Alin Vrancila, Miguel Angel

We received a copy of the ARNA survey results and while there was some positive feedback about the quality of the information and resources that were available on the website, there were also a number of people who provided constructive criticism of the website. 

We read and discussed each of the comments. In brief they included:
  1. Difficulty in finding information or comments that the navigation was too complex 
  2. Suggestions for changing the look and feel of the website-- different comments but a more active or modern site was desired and possible a new more graphically oriented icon
  3. Our site has too much information, too much dependence on text
  4. Questions about why google sites and a desire for a more professional web presence. 
We discussed each comment and the possible reasons for the comments.  In some cases the webteam felt that the comments came from people who were in experience a learning curve as they learned to use technology to work collaboratively. They did not understand the advantages of a wikisite and the open development process that is enabled by this approach.   

We discussed the options for platforms and costs and decided that Margaret would explore and present the executive committee an estimate of the cost of a managed website.  In this discussion, we also talk about looking for new templates or ideas for the display of the website. 

The videos and photos from now our second conference would provide a way to move past text to more interactive forms, however there was some concern that videos are rarely watched by any of us and the text is often the may source of information from the page. 

Considering the issues over navigation and the feeling of being lost, the group concluded that this might be solved by audience filtering on the first "splash" page so that we could tailor the message to the audience.  This would also help solve the overuse of text as we would not be trying to reach everyone with one opening page.  

Our solutions from discussion lead to these action items:

  •  Explore other platforms, options, support services, and costs.  Margaret would present these to the executive committee and determine the path forward
  • The group decided that Margaret should tape a welcome message that explains why the webdev group has selected a web-wiki site and what this means for group participation. She would find Rich and do this at the conference.  
  • We would move forward on the idea of  audience filtering would solve the issues with navigation
  • A new look was needed and all of us would work to find that new look-- it might be a new platform or a new template