March Meeting of Web Tec Committee

posted Mar 28, 2016, 1:04 AM by Margaret Riel   [ updated Mar 28, 2016, 1:08 AM ]
ARNA March 23  Web-Tec Committee Meeting 

Present: Margaret, Jenny, Richard, Linnea

1) Changes or issues with the website. 
        Seems to be stable-- counter working-- traffic is not increasing but part of having the conference site separate-- visits to the conference site are not included in the count
        Rich - conference sites is working seems to be updated when is needed. 
        LInnea reports on the paper.  
       Jenny doesn't see anything needed on the groups page, although nothing much is getting updated in the last months.  

2 Technology Support 
      web, facebook, youtube, twitter all seem to be functioning but what might the next stage of history look like?

3) Conference Presentation Proposal Planning
Pecha Kucha: 20 slides/5 minutes for each of us.; followed by 45 minutes of discussion/groups on creating a survey about our tech presence and how to improve it for all of us.

    1) Organizational Perspective (Margaret)

  • History How did technology help ARNA get organized-- what do we have now..          
    • What are doing... wiki and why we have a wiki  do we need a wiki  or some other 
    • Platforms-- google sites... 
    • Organizational support  for conferences- ways in which we provide the best support. 
  • Rationale: Why do we do what we have done?
  •      wiki-- social media
  • Looking forward: What might we do in the future...

  • 2) Operational Committees and Action Research Communities  (Jenny)
Structure of groups_  websites 
Why because people expressed an interest more interaction on the site around areas of interest or operations
Formation of the communities 
    • How do you find your group?  How do I find people like me?   A forum for group formation.   Projects posted might be a way to bring people together.  Groups that meet face to face, and they might connect, but for our members that do not come to the meeting, we need to have a connect people.  Forums for creating communities.  
Support for the communities  (Forming the ARC) (what are the best tools... website, facebook, twitter) 
    •  (Emphasize - we have ARCs and would like to support them with technology)
    •  Start your own network - or add your current AR network.  Is training needed?  How will we support (provide environment) your group.  Highlight the focus of your AR interest.  A group/forum can be added to any page.  We can link to their forum. Meeting time during conference.  Leadership guidance.  Check the kind of support you need and how much support is needed.  Examples.   
Sharing resources--showcase work  Come together at conferences. 
    •  groups for social progress AR
    • groups for educators doing AR
    • groups for local associations doing AR
    • groups of professionals doing AR
    • AR publishers groups 

3) Members --How can we shape the experience of new and renewing members? (Linnea)
    How do we welcome new members? 
         They have access to the website, but most do not know how to participate with the digital tools. 
         Pages within the website
  •          Groups
  • Links to conference pages
         Introduce survey

Possible Survey Questions -- (Goal keep it short, and easy--make each question count (don't ask about things we can find out from analytics) 

1) Organization Structure and Conferences
The organization and the navigation of the website is clear and easy to use. (agree, disagree)  
I read and value the announcement on the first page of the website.  (agree, disagree) 
Frequency of visits to                                                   Never       Yearly          Monthly        Weekly
           The main website (
            Conference Websites 
            Facebook ARNA Group
            You tube channel
            Twitter    (weekly, monthly, yearly, never) 

I would find the ARNA website easier to use if: (Text box)
I find the communication options meet my needs  (agree/disagree) 

2) Operational committees and Action Research Communities 
I have posted to the ARNA website groups.
The communication on the website meets my needs. (5 pt Likert scale)
My ideas for new group structures:
Starting ARCs... start my own ARC and then attaching content to it the groups page... 

3) Members
I know how to make changes to the WIKI-website.
I have made changes or additions to the website
I read ARNAs Twitter feed. (5 pt Likert scale)    

4) Going Forward- Your Ideas

      1. The following content and/or features could added to the ARNA website:  (Text box)
      1. A different way/platform/or approach to support ARNA: