March 25th Web Tec Meeting

posted Mar 26, 2015, 11:20 PM by Margaret Riel   [ updated Apr 3, 2015, 5:21 PM ]

The WebTec group met on Wednesday, March 25 at 2:30pm PT and reviewed the work done 
and to be done on the website.  
Present were:
Margaret Riel,
Rich McPherson, 
Jennifer Robins 
Linnea Rademaker


Rich-- Made the following changes 
1) Developing a map graphic for the sponsors.  Right now it does not have individual links 
for the sponsors, but he is working on it. Possible solution is to have it the map link to a 
page with links for each sponsor. 
2) Added icon links to facebook, youtube and now our new twitter sites. 

            To be done....

1) Fix sponsors. Make additions of two Journal sponsors and create a linked page that 
lists all the sponsors withs links to schools. 

2) Fix various pieces of the Knowledge Mobilization pages, specifically the 
Story Telling page. Need to move information over.

Linnea -- Membership is getting under control.  There is a process including a welcome 
message that gets sent to new members with all of the information that they need.  We 
are still low on membership but they are slowly coming in.  More are likely to be bundled 
with the conference registration. 

    To be done...
       1) Explore emailing tools
       2) Continue to process new memberships

Jennifer - Has created a seamless link for the collaboration groups so that they can work 
on their pages without any risks to the main website.  Need to check to make sure 
the site is shared with all group members.  

    To be done
     1) to develop ideas for how to support the development of groups.  

Margaret -  Monitoring the site and making small changes in response to requests.   

    To be done...
       1) Talk to Peter about including the link for the discussion at the end of every post 
       2) Work on tech support and FAQ
       3) Invite Tammy Marich (twitter person)  to join the Web-Tec group

The group skill is developing providing for continual evolution of our connections.