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Mar & April Meetings

posted Jun 18, 2014, 10:55 PM by Margaret Riel
Margaret and Linnea meet for the Mar and Apr meetings. 

They were mostly workshop meetings where we mostly discussed issues that surround membership.  They include:

1) How to create a directory that be shown on both the English and Spanish sites but would require only a single updating.  We did not want to have two listing of members as we discovered in the past how hard it was to keep both of them updated.  

2) We working on a plan that involved the flow of information from the sign up portal which is managed at Moravian to the Prophet data base and then to the web development team.  This plan ran into trouble as the link between membership and the membership databased was somewhat strained. 

3) Over the two months, we created a membership form that was tied to a google spreadsheet which could be posted on both the English and Spanish sites.  After testing this, we implemented this process. 

4) Between April and May we sent the spreadsheet to all existing founding members and encourage them to complete the listing. We got about about 75 for the 100 founding members to complete their listing and they are now listed on the site.  We set up the links and the directory is now listed. 

5) We discussed the sequence of events that need to happen when a person becomes a member in ARNA

6) We also discussed the look and feel of the website as there were some issues in the ARNA survey that were linked to the website.  We were waiting for the feedback. 

7) We also discussed the low participation in the Web Dev group and planned to recruit new members at the conference.