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June Session At the Conference

posted Jul 29, 2016, 1:25 AM by Margaret Riel
June 20th Session at the 2016 Conference

The session had two parts: 

Part 1:Three brief (6 min) presentations from these
different perspectives
    1. An Organizational view- Margaret Riel
    2. An ARNA Committees and Communities view --Jennifer Robins
    3. A Members View--  Linnea Rademaker
The discussion was over the current website and what types of 
question should we ask people 

PART 2: The Facilitated Discussion and Shared Comments: 

1)  A suggestions was made to reduce the amount of text on the first page.  We could do this by moving the
welcome text to the new member page and having a one sentence opening.  

2) We discussed the reduction of the number of large buttons on the home page-- decision was made 
that we did not need the returning member button and page.  There was a suggestion that we remove
the blog if there was not more content.  

3) While more images make the site more visually interesting, it is hard to figure out what image 
represents ARNA.  Margaret is taking  conference photos hoping to find some images that will work. 

4) The survey questions seemed reasonable.  Some information is available from the analytics but 
getting direct information from the members would help to rethink the future of the site. 

5) The issue of different languages came up we reviewed the strategy that we had over time and 
our current use of google translation.  We expect that the team will learn a great deal with the
next conference in Columbia as the majority of the content will be in Spanish and we will be using the google 
translation for change from Spanish to English.  We will get a better sense of how this works and 
when it is better to feature pages in two or more languages and when we can rely on translations.  
We also thought that it would be good to open the page with a welcome in multiple languages.