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June 18, Web Dev Meeting

posted Jun 19, 2014, 12:30 AM by Margaret Riel   [ updated Jul 11, 2014, 12:46 AM ]
2pm PT Attending: Linnea, Elena, Margaret, & Miguel

There was some confusion over the time as the message said 2pm but the calendar did not update before the invite was sent and it said 1pm.  This caused some people to miss the meeting. 

We agreed as a group to accept the new template with the horizontal menu. Margaret will begin the process of implementing this shift. We also agree on the audience filter and we are going to mock up the four pages.  In this discussion Miguel suggest that we need a FAQ feature and he agree to write the questions and answers.  We decided that this might be featured in the first two filters.  

Design-- the use of arrows.  We discussed where the information should go, on the arrows or before or after the arrows, or if we should use the arrows at all.  After some discussion, Margaret is going to try a mock up of the front page with the arrows and we can see what we think. Linnea think that the arrows might point to buttons to click. 
This is my visit to ARNA- Margaret
I am not a member (yet). - Margaret
I am a member. - Linnea
Looking for conference resources- Elena (draft exists) 

1) First time visitors  (answers to the questions...(Margaret)
        What is action research? (could be short statements by people, short videos, links to find out more  
        What is ARNA?  (origin video shown at the conference) 
        Why ARNA?  Some notion of why the group was formed
        What you will find at the website  -- what are the highlights of the site? (conference and participation) 

2) Returning Visitors  (Margaret) 
       Welcome back
       Featured Announcement and focus on what changes on the site 
       Invitation to be become a member 
       Member Benefits
       How to sign up

3) Members  Linnea)
      Welcome to Members -- Thank you and notion that this site is member supported and only exists by the 
      volunteer work of a larger member base.  
      How to sign in.  -- Tech help featured and videos on how to edit the site and develop working groups 
          leadership training and other options that we want  to make available to members 

4) Conferences  (Elana- Draft exists) 
     Invitation to join us at the next conference
              Save the date
              Call to participate 
     Past conferences 

We will work on pages in the ARNA backup website.

We also agreed on the process for Membership
  1. Notices of new members go from Joe to Linnea
  2. Linnea shares both the English and Spanish websites with a welcome message
  3. Linnea sends the membership directory form and maybe an explanation for why they are sharing this information a second time.  This time they are giving permission to post. 
  4. When the directory form is submitted, Linnea will need to change the entry to 8pt and resort the  list by last name (or find the way to data be added at 8 pt.). 
  5. Linnea sends message to Brett and Brett maps the new member with the information sent
Hopefully that will work smoothly.  One additional step that we might implement in the future is that Linnea sends a message to someone to welcome the person.  We could all agree to do this on a rotating basis or a group of people could be assigned the role of ARNA greeters and Linnea would assign new person to one of these greeters.