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June 16 Online Meeting

posted Jul 24, 2013, 4:38 PM by Margaret Riel   [ updated Jul 24, 2013, 4:38 PM ]

First I want to welcome Courtney to our group.  She is going to start by looking over the site and looking for broken links or other problems.  Miguel has become a member of the organizing community heading up infrastructue  and we have another committee member Camilo who is helping with translation on the spanish side of ARNA.  So Miguel, I am not sure if you still want to be in our group as well but we of course hope so.  I think that our groups are overlapping and we want to make sure that we keep in synch. 

As I suspect you know, I have our Pepperdine conference coming up so don't expect to see me this week and then I go to Doha, Qater for a conference with another group I am working with (  So I will not be around much but I do want to keep us working.  

Our next meeting is scheduled for June 26 and you are welcome to meet without me but I will be marching in graduation about the time we are suppose to meet.  Instead, I suggest we meet asychronously-- by sharing ideas through email and maybe be switching to edmodo. 

Here is an update: 
 1)     We have  membership pages 
               (try them out by signing up to be a founding member of arna)

2)  We have a new feature -- Digital storytelling 

             It was announced (see the home page or announcements) 

             and it has a dedicated page
     Lonnie and talked about how this might morph into the "publication" or journal
      of the group.  We can talk about it. 
New Tasks...
1) We need someone to work with Joe to make sure the conference information gets posted soon.  Here is the under construction page...

2) We need to help with the membership drive.  We each need to get a group of about 7 members.  We need to think about how to drive people to the membership page.  

3)  We are working towards small videos for each of the committee chairs welcoming people to the site.  We will need to update the working groups to the new groups with different leaders and we need to work to get videos from each of the leaders posted on the site. 

We also formed a google drive spot and convention to keep all files there.  I will add you to the web-linked files.  

4) What ideas do you have the website?  It grows when all of think of how to make it better. 

So feel free to volunteer for a task, share your ideas or challenge anything. 

I will not have much time to play but I will try to keep with email.  Then mid july I will have more time to think about the future.