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July 24th Google meeting

posted Jul 24, 2013, 5:02 PM by Margaret Riel   [ updated Jul 24, 2013, 5:02 PM ]

Meeting of the ARNA Web Development team- July 24   1pm -2:30pm PT

Linnea, Margaret, Miguel and Brett in attendance

Review of suggested priorities  for the web development working group

  1. interface with the membership committee to support the membership drive--put a link to the membership page on all pages where appropriate. need to change the membership page to ARNA sponsors and Members and move to posting information only for founding members. Need to give people who are currently listed an opportunity to become founding members.

Update: we have put links on all of the pages. We sent a first message to members on the listing.  We need information on who is now a member. Linnea is going to check with Joe about who is a member and than Margaret is going to cross check the list and resend the message.

  1. 2014 Conference information  linked and worked out --Interface with the conference group for this Linnea volunteered to do this.

Update: Linnea contacted Joe for the information.  She has posted the save the date poster but no information is posted yet but there are placeholders.  Call for papers and presentations might need to be scheduled. She is writing Joe to see if there is any work towards a call for papers.

3. Adding segment on the web for new Coordinating Group and working groups-- 

Update: Lonnie has editted the page and Margaret has copied the page to the Spanish side for translationg.    

Lonnie found a way to kept the history of the Coordinating committee... Linnea changed the link to the working group.  

  1. Working on the knowledge dissemination segment of the web (AR stories; iterations; ARNA Bulletin; formal reports, posters, etc.).  We have the storytelling section up but we might want to call it group narratives or group inquiry narratives... other ideas?

Update: Cathy Bruce is doing this as a membership drive. Margaret added the storytelling page with links to the Spanish side. Miguel is going to translate and make sure the links work. We need to talk to Cathy about keeping the previous months listed on the storytelling site. Also consider putting a picture of current story on the front page.

5. Get the scholarship information for Eduardo and posting of the memorial page -- 

Update: Linnea and Margaret Set up pages on the English and Spanish sites with Eduardo's name. When people sign up for membership there could be a pop up to donate to a ARNA scholarship for someone from Latin America to attend the conference but also they could donate to a scholarship at the university and we could list that information. Margare is going to talk to the committee about this. 

6, Getting a video segment posted for each of the now 7 members of the transition committee.  Check with Richard as some were made at the conference.

Update:Have videos for Margaret and Lonnie... and we are working on getting the rest.  The plan is to post on a utube channel. Margaret will explore the set up of a youtube channel for ARNA and post the videos for the about page there. (Check with Cathy to see if we have a youtube channel already.


7. 2013 conference-- how to use in our history

Update: Decided that each conference would have a website associated with it. Brett agreed to map out the first one. He is going to use pictures from the conference and the program to get it mocked up. Then we write to the people who presented and get them to post. We will need emails for presentors. In the future, we might feature access to these conference sites as a benefit of membership. Also you would get access as a conference member. We could charge extra. We need to bring this to the transition committee. 

8. Check on tranlation to spanish are we keeping pace... none of the annoucements were being posted on the Spanish side. We need to create a practice of postingon both sites the same time. for the membership button... Below the graphic in the home page.

(Haga click en el recuadro)

Únase a nosotros como miembro fundador de ARNA antes del 01 de septiembre de 2013!

9 Some changes need to be made to navigation... add about us and conferences and members Margaret is doing this.

10 . Discussion of what membership gives you...

1) Discussion forum -- edmodo is a possible home

2) Conference site with papers and presentations.

3) Listing on our site as sponsoring members

4) Wiki- access (add journals or books or comments on website)