Feb Meeting of the WebTec

posted Feb 24, 2016, 5:11 PM by Margaret Riel   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 11:01 PM ]
Feb 24 2:00
Present: Jenny Margaret and Linnea

1)  Leadership page has blank boxes... we need to have them filled with either text or videos
     Margaret sent emails today; will add content when received.  Feb 15 --(no progress.. the question is should I remove the boxes or keep trying)
2)  Margaret is going to check with Holly and Joe, on the new members and interface with the website.  New members  need to be added to the wiki and also to the membership.  ( Feb 15 I think this has been taken care of) 

3) Everyone is going to  test the scholarship page and then Margaret will give access to the people who will be reviewing. (It appears to be working but no applications have been received) 
4) Jenny is going align the menu with group and arna connect  (This was done and Jenny reports that there has been some activity in the groups) 
5) Rich is going to check on the connections between the conference website and Youtube and see if twitter has an option.  (The link back from the conference page is not there--MMR will send a message) 

6) Someone needs to check on proceedings and make sure it has a way back.  (This has been done)  

7) Margaret will experiment with the site look and see what others think.  ( I experimented with colors, but Lonnie and Joe did not like the change in colors  (orange and blue) so I changed it back). 

8) Rich is going to work on the video from the last conference   (In process)


Groups-- not working reason is likely to be that it is not a grassroots effort.  It is more something that the leadership is trying to create.  Needs energy from the participants. 
Is a Website a good way to support a group?  Maybe facebook groups are better.  Maybe we need a listsr rather than a facebook or website. Hard to know what would 
help people to organize.  We need to hear from members. 

New website -- What platforms are going to be around?  Why choose one over the other?  Who has a good idea as to which would be better?  We should be looking and 
be ready to make a new proposal.  Maybe we can work on a new site slowly over time and then be ready with a new version some time after the conference.  Do we need
it to be a wiki?  In reality only the leaders change the site but that access is important.  We might be able to have multiple ownership of a new site. 

We discussed plans to submit a PechaKucha Session... with a focus on: How Technology Serves ARNA Community Development
Large questions about the role of technology in the
      Margaret --5 mins -  development of an organization
      Jenny -- 5 minutes-- from the perspective of small groups 
      Linnea -- 5 mins-- from the perspective of the individual member
Then the rest of the session will be to elicit ideas for how we move into the next stage of technology development