Feb 25 ARNA Web Tech Meeting

posted Feb 25, 2015, 4:07 PM by Margaret Riel
Present for the meeting:  

  • Margaret Riel, Facilitator, Site Structure and design
  • Linnea Rademaker, Membership, member sign in and membership listing
  • Jamie Hill, Conference Proceedings and facebook
  • Rich McPherson, YouTube Channel and Conference and Story Telling 
  • Jennifer Robins, Collaborative groups and networking
The web committee is working well and the web site continue to evolve with all of the good 
ideas and input of the group.  

Monthly Reports:             

Linnea Rademaker: 

MEMBERSHIP Membership drive is in place and Linnea reported on the message that was sent out with a certificate that 
inidicates membership.  There are still some glitches in the information flow and some of it is around the 
issues of sponsorship since these have memberships that need to be indicated and when they change, 
without the email of the people, it is hard to reach the people.  Signup to the website seems to be 
working.  Margaret agree to format the incoming information on the member listing.  Soon we will 
have to make a decision about removing founding members that have not renewed.
To do (Lineea) : Continue working with new and returning members 
         (Margaret): Update entries with formatting and sorting

Rick McPerson: 
  SOCIAL MEDIA: Rich has completed work on the YouTube and is helping with the Facebook.  We discussed how to feature 
these links on the website.  We decided to having them in the menu on the left might be good way plan
for these links.  

CONFERENCE: The conference link has a new graphic interface and Rick is updating other parts of the 
site as well.  

STORY TELLING  - For knowledge Mobilization story telling, he wants to have a feature story.  He will be working
on the existing site and then when he has it ready to go, we are thinking about how to feature it.  Maybe a video 
link on the first page un Peter's Blog and an announcement each time a new story is featured. 

To do (Rich) Link the images on knowledge mobilzation to the pages
                   Develop graphic interface for knowledge mobilization (like conference page) 
                   Continue to work on video story telling 

 Jamie Hill: 

        PROCEEDINGS - Site is in great shape.  It sets the standard for spinnoff sites.  We need to have the branded as 
part of the site but also clear that it is different.  We discussed this and decided and a link back to the hom site 
is an important way for the person to know where they are and how to get back. 

To do (Jamie) : Find the best way to make the movement between the home and proceedings home as seamless
                       as possible. 

Jenny Robins:

COLLABORATION GROUP  - Jenny designed a new home for the collaborative groups.  This is ready to go 
live.  It will not look much different from the user side as the menu and look is the same as the website. 
The reason for doing this space and saftey. The groups can have as much webspace as they would like 
without it adding to the size of the website. And safety in that they cannot do any harm to the main website.  
They can be owners and if something goes wrong, it will be easy for Jenny to fix it.  So they an complete 
control without there being a risk to other information.  (operations groups will stay on the main website 
but we need to get the other groups to post short and concise monthy updates of their work.

 To do: (Jenny) Contact the leaders of each of the collaborative groups and help them to learn how to use 
            website to keep organized. 
            Remind groups to take pictures at the conference that can be used for the website. 

Margaret Riel: 

LANGUAGE TRANSLATION We have completed the shift to the new way of doing translation.  
I have not been able to test the translation correction process.  I did change my computer 
to French to try it but then I could not understand what I was being asked
to do.  So to test the correction of the translation, I will need to find either a bilingual 
techie or be co-present with a computer and bilingual person.
Language translation appears to be working in so far as we have not heard any complaints. But we  
need to have create a survey that examines this and other issues with the website perhaps for 
the conference or to be distributed before the conference.

TALK BACK TO PETER  We needed a way for people to respond to Peter's blog without having to 
signin to the site.  We solved this problem with a public google group forum posted on the web which 
allows for threaded discussions.  That seems to be working well.  We talked about when a google 
group of facebook discussion might be the right implementation. 

Suggestion for change is to have the menu button read Need Help?  Then have a contact list 
and tech help as options

To do (margaret) : Tech Help needs updating (both pages and the links to it)  
                            Back up maintanience  (make a current copy delete old ones) 

Great teamwork is happening in the WebDev group!  The task is no longer so large as there are different people in charge of 
the sections of the website.