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August 20 Meeting Web Tech Group

posted Aug 20, 2014, 4:42 PM by Margaret Riel

August Meeting of the Web Tech Development group

August 20, 2:00pm

Present: Margaret, Linnea Rademaker, Jennifer Robins,


1) Report of changes made

     Reports by each person


The structural and template update of both the English and Spanish sides is mostly finished. The goal is to have a spanish page for every english page with some exceptions. The Interest groups will work in either English or Spanish and will be housed on the side of the web that they are working in with links to it from the other side with a note that says that they are working in Spanish or English. If a group is working in both languages, it will be translated. Right now we are proposing this for the Collaborative Interest groups but not the operations groups as this information should be available in both languages. Margaret is going to work with the translating crew to help them with the process of translating google site pages. One thing to keep in mind is that each page can be checked to make sure it is the same but adding or taking away "sp" in the url.

LInnea - shows off the home 3 - for new members -- work still needs to be done on the tech help pages but Linnea is going to focus on getting the membership area working well.

Miguel - has some FAQ ideas that he will send to Linnea)

missing members that Miguel has and will send

Jennifer-  is working on cascading style to clean up the website. She is taking it on herself to explore how this might work and then to create unification of fonts, font size and headings.

Alin - looked at the design and had some comments which he shared with Margaret-- he will be looking for ways to use images to make the site more visually appealing.

Changes still to be made

    what do you plan to do this month

     FAQs - tech help

     Margaret - add Miguel to the spanish contact list

                     announcements… makes sure they are up to date.

     Jennifer is going to working on style sheet

       -Finish the CSS course and resize the video as a percentage of the space alotted.

     Miguel is going to meet  with the spanish group and see about translations.

     Alin is going to give some feedback on the site.

     Linnea is working on membership- working out the correspondence between the            website and the membership listing

Future designs

  Cascading Style Sheet

  more images and videos