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Aug Meeting of the Web Dev Group

posted Aug 28, 2013, 2:40 PM by Margaret Riel   [ updated Aug 28, 2013, 2:40 PM ]

Aug 28, 2013  Meeting...

1-2pm PT

Linnea, Margaret, Miguel and Brett in attendance

Review of suggested priorities for the web development working group

1.     Interface with the membership committee to support the membership drive (Margaret and Linnea)


a.     We have linked the membership icon to the membership page on all pages where appropriate.


b.     We have sent out an email message (approved by the transition committee)  to existing members  urging them to join us.


c.      The ARNA website members list now has a first column of members and founding members.  We think that for people who have not rearranged the listing this will put founding members at the top of the list.


d.      Linnea has added names to the site with this message being sent (included at the end)


            2.     2014 Conference information linked and worked out --Interface with the conference group for this (Linnea).

a.     Update: Joe said that they were working on the call for submissions.  Still waiting....


3.     Working on the knowledge dissemination segment of the web (AR stories; iterations; ARNA Bulletin; formal reports, posters, etc.).  We have the storytelling section up but we might want to call it group narratives or group inquiry narratives... other ideas? (Margaret)

a.      Margaret added the storytelling page with links to the Spanish side.  

b.     Miguel is going to translate and make sure the links work.

c.      We need to talk to Cathy about keeping the previous months listed on the storytelling site.  Also consider putting a picture of current story on the front page.


            4.     Get the scholarship information for Eduardo and posting of the memorial page – (Miguel and Margaret)

a.      We have set up pages on the English and Spanish sites with Eduardo's name, but it was not linked.  We fixed the English side during the sessions but the Spanish side had some naming problems. Margaret is going to fix.

b.     There is a box that suggests donations but Miguel is going to the put the information to donate to the university scholarship as well.

c.      When people sign up for membership there could be a pop up to donate to a ARNA scholarship for someone from Latin America to attend the conference but also they could donate to a scholarship at the university and we could list that information.  Margaret is going to talk to the committee about this.



5        5.     2013 conference-- how to use in our history (Brett with others helping)

a.      Update: The site has been created at Invitations to share and edit have been shared with Joe, Camilo, Margaret, Linnea, and Miguel. E-mail addresses of presenters, photos and video are still needed.


           6.     . Check on translation to spanish ==

a.       Lonnie did post the announcement to both sites.  Miguel might give the gist of announcements in Spanish


             7.       Some changes need to be made to navigation... add about us and conferences and members  (Margaret)


             8.       Discussion of what membership gives you

a.      Discussed with the transition committee and Cathy edited our list (copy here)


9.     Getting a video segment posted for each of the now 7 members of the transition committee.  Check with Richard as some were made at the conference. (Margaret)

a.      We have videos for Margaret and Lonnie... and we are working on getting the rest.  The plan is to post on a youtube channel.

b.     Margaret will explore the set up of a youtube channel for ARNA and post the videos for the about page there.  (Check with Cathy to see if we have a youtube channel already.

c.      For the videos from the rest of the transition community, we might want to offer a short tutorial and maybe some question prompts.

To Do:

MMR  change the listing of members and founding members on the spanish side

Linnea and Miguel - list of names are the same

MMR -- fix the link to the eduardo page in spanish

Miguel translate the page. Tanslate Anuncios in the Spanish site.

MMR- edit the navigation pages of both sides.

Brett -- work on the conference page


Message sent when new members join…


Thank you for becoming a founding member of ARNA.  We invite you to visit the website, sign in, and add yourself to the list of members.  We encourage this process as a way of empowering you to be an “owner” of the ARNA WIKI/Website.  This website functions as a traditional website for non-members, and allows members to interact with the website if they are signed in as members.  There are directions for signing in on the home page ( under “TECH HELP” in the margin on the left.  Please let us know if you need assistance in this process, and we look forward to continued collaboration.  Sincerely, Linnea Rademaker (, Webmaster


Message sent to existing members listed on the website

Dear Friends of ARNA,

We are grateful that you joined ARNA this past year and also, to those of you who presented at the first conference, we are thankful for your involvement in making the inaugural conference such a success.  As you know it is not easy to develop a new community, and some of you have contributed many hours to make this happen. Those that have listed themselves on our website helped us grow past the initial stage of network formation and transition to a developing and vibrant community.

The original organizing committee worked very hard to find sponsors for the inaugural conference possible, but as an organization we need the stability of having funds for planning the next conference and meeting operational costs for the network.

So we are writing you to invite you to become founding members of the Action Research Network of the Americas -ARNA. If you join before September 1, you can pay the discounted rate of $100 for professionals and $50 for students. Both of these membership fees will increase in the Fall by $25.


You are likely thinking -- what do I get for membership in ARNA? Here is our plan:

·       You will be listed on the ARNA website as a founding member and can promote your links to blogs or websites on action research. You can link to your space or create a space on the wiki/blog to share ideas.

·       You will be listed on the members map with links to your action research sites.

·       You will have access to the website as a wiki and can participate in developing the ARNA community by posting comments and uploading materials

·       We are developing a separate conference site featuring the presentations from last year and we plan to create a similar one for this year. While we are likely to keep this open to all, you will know that, as a member, you helped to make the conference and the sharing of resources possible.

·       We are planning a members only online discussion forum on action research on Edmodo (and looking for a few moderators). This is a great way to connect with other action researchers and could lead to important collaborations!

·       You will receive a discounted conference rate for the annual ARNA conference.

·       You may initiate a working group


We are likely to think of more ways of building the community with your help.


Mostly we are inviting you to join us to help grow this historic community. This is the first time a hemisphere-wide action research organizing initiative has taken place in the Americas.The stronger our membership base, the more effective we can be in strengthening the position of action research in the larger educational and social service research-policy and research-practice circles of influence that dominate our domains of practice. Members are welcome to be active participants in our growing "Working Groups" structure and help plan for our future. We appreciate your having 'signed on' in the initial stage of ARNA's creation, and we are hopeful that you will now join us as a founding member. If the fee is prohibitive, then let us know how much you can pay and we will find work to find a sponsor to pay the difference.

Here are the Engilsh and Spanish links to become a Founding Member...  (English)  (Spanish)

with warm regards,

The ARNA Transition Coordinating Group (TCG)