April Meeting Web-Tec Group

posted Jun 21, 2015, 10:49 PM by Margaret Riel
Web Tec Develop Group Meeting 
Wednesday April  29, 2015, 2:00-3: 25 
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Present:  Margaret Riel, Rich Mcpherson, Jenny Robins, Linnea Rademaker, and Miguel Angel Lopez

First Issue is how to present the Delphi Study contents on the website. 

We discussed location and settled on Knowledge Mobilization.  We considered the following possibilities tab names and settled on What is action research?

Action Resarch approaches
**** What is action reseach?
Understanding action research 
First steps of action research 
The community of action research
Action research (defined?)
Action Research Persepctives

Margaret is going to post and the group approved the general sense of content and links. 

Membership -Linnea
Payments through the Moravian which says who is paying for what.  She logs that process.  We need to have a better more automatic system.  She can email to a list of people who are members, or conference people or both without causing two emails to the same person.  She sends out a certicate to members, and gives them to link to post themselves online as a member. 

Removing people from list. 
Taking off the people who are not members?  Removing of the founding members that did not renew.  We need to send a message to tell them that if they do not renew by the end of the conference, that we will be removing them from the listing with great sadness. 

Conference - Rich -- conference pages are coming.  We have an app for the conference which he has listed on announcements. 
he is receiving video clips and putting them together. 

Groups and the Website Jenny -- email to the committe chairs and told them that the page has moved.  This give them more control over the site.  She is putting togehter the contact information.  She will not be at the conference but we need to make sure that we share her image and offer her support at the groups meeting session.

We also talked about connections to our social media and it is growing -- we might need to add a member to be a facebook person or Jenny might just continue to do both groups and facebook.