Web Dev & Tech Working Group

We have a Web Development & Technology Working Group and we invite you to join with us 
as think about the resources and links that are important to have on the ARNA website.  We 
have a new expanded group for the 2014-15 year.We meet once a week on the last Wednesday 
of the month using this hangout
 Back row: Miguel, Jamie, Linnea
 Front row: Jennifer, Margaret & Elena
  • Margaret Riel, Facilitator, Site Structure and design
  • Miguel Angel Lopez Montoya, Translation
  • Linnea Rademaker, Membership
  • Elena Polush, Conference Proceedings
  • Jamie Hill, Conference Proceedings
  • Rich McPherson, Video, Conference, Knowledge Mobilization, YouTube Channel
  • Jennifer Robins, Collaboration Groups, Facebook
  • Holly Marich - Twitter Account
We welcome posts from the working group and comments from all members and visitors.

Here is the link to our google hangout for meetings

March Meeting of Web Tec Committee

posted Mar 28, 2016, 1:04 AM by Margaret Riel   [ updated Mar 28, 2016, 1:08 AM ]

ARNA March 23  Web-Tec Committee Meeting 

Present: Margaret, Jenny, Richard, Linnea

1) Changes or issues with the website. 
        Seems to be stable-- counter working-- traffic is not increasing but part of having the conference site separate-- visits to the conference site are not included in the count
        Rich - conference sites is working seems to be updated when is needed. 
        LInnea reports on the paper.  
       Jenny doesn't see anything needed on the groups page, although nothing much is getting updated in the last months.  

2 Technology Support 
      web, facebook, youtube, twitter all seem to be functioning but what might the next stage of history look like?

3) Conference Presentation Proposal Planning
Pecha Kucha: 20 slides/5 minutes for each of us.; followed by 45 minutes of discussion/groups on creating a survey about our tech presence and how to improve it for all of us.

    1) Organizational Perspective (Margaret)

  • History How did technology help ARNA get organized-- what do we have now..          
    • What are doing... wiki and why we have a wiki  do we need a wiki  or some other 
    • Platforms-- google sites... 
    • Organizational support  for conferences- ways in which we provide the best support. 
  • Rationale: Why do we do what we have done?
  •      wiki-- social media
  • Looking forward: What might we do in the future...

  • 2) Operational Committees and Action Research Communities  (Jenny)
Structure of groups_  websites 
Why because people expressed an interest more interaction on the site around areas of interest or operations
Formation of the communities 
    • How do you find your group?  How do I find people like me?   A forum for group formation.   Projects posted might be a way to bring people together.  Groups that meet face to face, and they might connect, but for our members that do not come to the meeting, we need to have a connect people.  Forums for creating communities.  
Support for the communities  (Forming the ARC) (what are the best tools... website, facebook, twitter) 
    •  (Emphasize - we have ARCs and would like to support them with technology)
    •  Start your own network - or add your current AR network.  Is training needed?  How will we support (provide environment) your group.  Highlight the focus of your AR interest.  A group/forum can be added to any page.  We can link to their forum. Meeting time during conference.  Leadership guidance.  Check the kind of support you need and how much support is needed.  Examples.   
Sharing resources--showcase work  Come together at conferences. 
    •  groups for social progress AR
    • groups for educators doing AR
    • groups for local associations doing AR
    • groups of professionals doing AR
    • AR publishers groups 

3) Members --How can we shape the experience of new and renewing members? (Linnea)
    How do we welcome new members? 
         They have access to the website, but most do not know how to participate with the digital tools. 
         Pages within the website
  •          Groups
  • Links to conference pages
         Introduce survey

Possible Survey Questions -- (Goal keep it short, and easy--make each question count (don't ask about things we can find out from analytics) 

1) Organization Structure and Conferences
The organization and the navigation of the website is clear and easy to use. (agree, disagree)  
I read and value the announcement on the first page of the website.  (agree, disagree) 
Frequency of visits to                                                   Never       Yearly          Monthly        Weekly
           The main website (www.arnaconnect.org)
            Conference Websites 
            Facebook ARNA Group
            You tube channel
            Twitter    (weekly, monthly, yearly, never) 

I would find the ARNA website easier to use if: (Text box)
I find the communication options meet my needs  (agree/disagree) 

2) Operational committees and Action Research Communities 
I have posted to the ARNA website groups.
The communication on the website meets my needs. (5 pt Likert scale)
My ideas for new group structures:
Starting ARCs... start my own ARC and then attaching content to it the groups page... 

3) Members
I know how to make changes to the WIKI-website.
I have made changes or additions to the website
I read ARNAs Twitter feed. (5 pt Likert scale)    

4) Going Forward- Your Ideas

      1. The following content and/or features could added to the ARNA website:  (Text box)
      1. A different way/platform/or approach to support ARNA: 


Feb Meeting of the WebTec

posted Feb 24, 2016, 5:11 PM by Margaret Riel   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 11:01 PM ]

Feb 24 2:00
Present: Jenny Margaret and Linnea

1)  Leadership page has blank boxes... we need to have them filled with either text or videos
     Margaret sent emails today; will add content when received.  Feb 15 --(no progress.. the question is should I remove the boxes or keep trying)
2)  Margaret is going to check with Holly and Joe, on the new members and interface with the website.  New members  need to be added to the wiki and also to the membership.  ( Feb 15 I think this has been taken care of) 

3) Everyone is going to  test the scholarship page and then Margaret will give access to the people who will be reviewing. (It appears to be working but no applications have been received) 
4) Jenny is going align the menu with group and arna connect  (This was done and Jenny reports that there has been some activity in the groups) 
5) Rich is going to check on the connections between the conference website and Youtube and see if twitter has an option.  (The link back from the conference page is not there--MMR will send a message) 

6) Someone needs to check on proceedings and make sure it has a way back.  (This has been done)  

7) Margaret will experiment with the site look and see what others think.  ( I experimented with colors, but Lonnie and Joe did not like the change in colors  (orange and blue) so I changed it back). 

8) Rich is going to work on the video from the last conference   (In process)


Groups-- not working reason is likely to be that it is not a grassroots effort.  It is more something that the leadership is trying to create.  Needs energy from the participants. 
Is a Website a good way to support a group?  Maybe facebook groups are better.  Maybe we need a listsr rather than a facebook or website. Hard to know what would 
help people to organize.  We need to hear from members. 

New website -- What platforms are going to be around?  Why choose one over the other?  Who has a good idea as to which would be better?  We should be looking and 
be ready to make a new proposal.  Maybe we can work on a new site slowly over time and then be ready with a new version some time after the conference.  Do we need
it to be a wiki?  In reality only the leaders change the site but that access is important.  We might be able to have multiple ownership of a new site. 

We discussed plans to submit a PechaKucha Session... with a focus on: How Technology Serves ARNA Community Development
Large questions about the role of technology in the
      Margaret --5 mins -  development of an organization
      Jenny -- 5 minutes-- from the perspective of small groups 
      Linnea -- 5 mins-- from the perspective of the individual member
Then the rest of the session will be to elicit ideas for how we move into the next stage of technology development

Jan Web Tech Meeting

posted Jan 28, 2016, 2:53 PM by Margaret Riel

Meeting Jan 2016
Present: Margaret , Linnea Rademaker, Jenny Robins Rich McPherson

            Updated: Updated the membership page with the brochure
New: Award page is now completed under members-- pictures and information about the awards and the people.  
New: Eduardo Flores Scholarship application form has been implemented and is under conference tab- the information is stored on a sheet in the ARNA google identity (actionresearchnetwork@gamail.com.  
            Updated: History page-- documentation timeline history 
            New: added oral history taken from proceedings site

            New: Added RevolveMap for better tracking of visitors-- we had problems with cluster map

            Continuing on the clean up and moving of assets to the google drive and link 
            We are at 72% --moving large files will solve any space problems. 

           Working on a list of housekeeping things 
           Providing support to the  the conference website 
                Posting content and working on the  desgin
            -need to finish Toronto review video and post to conference page
           -upload and manage photos in Facebook, year-by-year


        not receiving any new members to share the website with or any updates to the membership

       MENU - Groups site
             Changes have been made to the web site and these will need to be repeated on the 
              the group page. 


Review of draft for Proceedings:  Comments will be sent to Margaret

Photo/video Asset storage and use: 
    Discussion of where and how to access photos 
    Need to place more photos on the website

Revisited the issue of a splash page to ARNA - discussion of pros and cons and decided to first 
      see about putting more photos on the pages

Linking Back to ARNA-connect 
      Need to check the movement back and forth between websites... 
             - add link from YouTube
             -add link from ARNA Conference page

Colors, Layout and change: Membership brochure has colors the compliment the logo.  Might want to adjust the banner and navigation to have the orange and blue colors. 
To do:

1)  Leadership page has blank boxes... we need to have them filled with either text or videos
     Margaret sent emails today; will add content when received.  
2)  Margaret is going to check with Holly and Joe, on the new members and interface with the website.  New members  need to be added to the wiki and also to the membership. 

3) Everyone is going to  test the scholarship page and then Margaret will give access to the people who will be reviewing. 
4) Jenny is going align the menu with group and arna connect
5) Rich is going to check on the connections between the conference website and Youtube and see if twitter has an option.

6) Someone needs to check on proceedings and make sure it has a way back 

7) Margaret will experiment with the site look and see what others think. 

8) Rich is going to work on the video from the last conference

Nov/Dec Web Tech Meeting

posted Jan 27, 2016, 12:03 PM by Margaret Riel

ARNA Web Tec Meeting 
Nov/Dec Meeting on Dec 2 at 2pm PT 

Present: Jamie, Linnea, Jennifer, Margaret

1) Overview of site: 
      Leadership changes were not yet made in all places. 
      We edited the site so that all leadership was accurate
      We still need to get videos or written statements in the boxes. (Margaret will send email) 
2)  Cluster map updating  problems 
     Site was not updating -stuck on Oct 17 and Clustrmaps not responding to help requestst 
     Margaret Created a new map which seems to be updating.  
      On Jan 1, we should revisit what we want to have on the site. 
      Choice between Clustrmap and Revolving Maps (both have pros and cons
               -- both can be seen working on (ccar.wikispace.com, or onlinelearningcircles.org (this a google site so it would look like this one)

3) Membership listing
    Any new members? Not appearing on the listing 
    Need to establish procedures for getting them added both to the sharing and to the member list
    Founding who have not renewed are stilled listed on the site.  What is the plan for removal of those that have not renewed?
    Brochure-- When is it going out?  We can use the content to create a webpage that features membership. 
    Blog... need to energize responses from the community.  Will announce posts on FB. 

     Jamie will work on update FB more often and including Peter Richmond's blog posts. 

     When is the brochure going out?  

     Who is writing the announcement for the new conference website?

    The  images from the membership brochure could renew the membership page __ Margaret agrees to do this. 

October 2015

posted Jan 27, 2016, 11:59 AM by Margaret Riel

I could not find the notes from the meeting....I think that only one person attended and we talked without recording minutes.  The task has been to 
move all ARNA documents into our public spaces so that if any person should be missing, we would not lose assets.  We are continuing in this 

Rich could not attend but he did send this report which indicates the work that he has contributed to this group effort:

Here is a list of items that I am working on. 

1) Checking on any further duplicated/missing files and cleaning them up (though I know you have already done an excellent job of this)

2) Download MASTER files from website to a folder for backup

3) Ensure all photos and videos that I have are uploaded to the actionresearchnetwork@gmail.com account. Video may have to go into a Dropbox because of size.

4) Create a word document that contains all links to videos live on our YouTube Channel so people have access quickly.

5) Edit Toronto Overview video

6) Update Facebook folders for photos

7) Update 2013 Conference web page to reflect newer look; link to old page as legacy

September Web Tec Meeting

posted Sep 24, 2015, 12:42 AM by Margaret Riel

Web Tec Meeting AGENDA

September 23, 2015

Holly, Jamie, Margaret, Jennifer, Rich in attendance

(Note: The meetings during the summer month were small in size and focused on membership ideas, proceedings and general issues) 



We have begun the process of getting the web assets (videos, images, files)  into one place--ARNA Public Masters. Currently there are three folders here.  One for videos, one for web-linked or attached files, and one for us to keep files and  list the locations of assets in other places.


Site storage 84% of 100 MB used.  We should be able to move back to 40%.

We need to keep the size of the main website lean.  Two ways to do this.  

  1. Attach rather than upload files -- we currently have 260 files on the site.

Margaret created folders to represent the menu items and demonstrated the process of copying files and graphics to the  google drive.  She also showed how to move files that we think are no longer current in a folder called marked for deletion. We need tol go through every page this way until we know that all graphics are in this folder.  This makes it possible to reconstruct any page. Different people agreed to go through this process for different pages.

Rich will do this for the conference tabs

Holly will look through membership

Jennifer is looking through groups

Margaret will do about this website and history and other pages

2) remove the long history of revision.

There is no easy way to do this.  Once we have all of the assets in one place, we willl take the pages with the most revisions and copy them getting rid of the revisions giving us more space.  The home page is the hardest as the system does not want you change/rename or copy  the home page.  However we start on other pages and see how this affects the size limits.


Our collection of Conference  Photos are stored in the ARNA CONNECT Google+ Account

We will also store photos in a file in the ARNA CONNECT google+ account  

Sign in  as ARNA CONNECT (the password was set by Jamie and is known by the people on the web- dev team.


Margaret agreed to create a sheet listing the access permissions that have to be given to new members of the Web Tec  Community,  as well as an introduction letter.


Everyone agrees to review the website making sure that everything has been changed for the new year.  

Jennifer took on the task of writing to leaders to get graphics and videos for all of the people on the leadership team.

HELP FILES- Margaret will work on these once other tasks are done.


  • Jamie Hill  provided a brief update on the Conference Proceedings.  We decided that space on these websites was good for about 5 years and if we run out of space and are still on google sites in 5 years it will be easy to link a new site.


  • Rich McPherson, Video, Conference, Knowledge Mobilization, YouTube Channel

  • We agreed to keep these on the root site for now as once we have the practice of linking to attachments from the google drive, space should not be a problem.

  • Rich has been working on Conference 2016 page


Holly is going to write to John and ask for regular updates about the conference planning that can be twitted to followers.  These can be little news items like setting up hotels or find speakers or creating a plan for some part of the conference.  

And another way of doing this is to share news from our networking partners.  Margaret shared the listing of other networks and Jamie and Holly might reach out to people either on our executive community or at these networks to keep news coming out on a regular bases.

We also talked about featuring images from the image collection on facebook from time to time.

May Meeting

posted Jun 21, 2015, 10:52 PM by Margaret Riel

Meeting took place at the ARNA Conference
The Webtec and Membership groups meet together. 

We discussed a range of ideas for how to increase membership and 
discusssed rates, and ways to increase participation. 

April Meeting Web-Tec Group

posted Jun 21, 2015, 10:49 PM by Margaret Riel

Web Tec Develop Group Meeting 
Wednesday April  29, 2015, 2:00-3: 25 
Hangout link...


Present:  Margaret Riel, Rich Mcpherson, Jenny Robins, Linnea Rademaker, and Miguel Angel Lopez

First Issue is how to present the Delphi Study contents on the website. 

We discussed location and settled on Knowledge Mobilization.  We considered the following possibilities tab names and settled on What is action research?

Action Resarch approaches
**** What is action reseach?
Understanding action research 
First steps of action research 
The community of action research
Action research (defined?)
Action Research Persepctives

Margaret is going to post and the group approved the general sense of content and links. 

Membership -Linnea
Payments through the Moravian which says who is paying for what.  She logs that process.  We need to have a better more automatic system.  She can email to a list of people who are members, or conference people or both without causing two emails to the same person.  She sends out a certicate to members, and gives them to link to post themselves online as a member. 

Removing people from list. 
Taking off the people who are not members?  Removing of the founding members that did not renew.  We need to send a message to tell them that if they do not renew by the end of the conference, that we will be removing them from the listing with great sadness. 

Conference - Rich -- conference pages are coming.  We have an app for the conference which he has listed on announcements. 
he is receiving video clips and putting them together. 

Groups and the Website Jenny -- email to the committe chairs and told them that the page has moved.  This give them more control over the site.  She is putting togehter the contact information.  She will not be at the conference but we need to make sure that we share her image and offer her support at the groups meeting session.

We also talked about connections to our social media and it is growing -- we might need to add a member to be a facebook person or Jenny might just continue to do both groups and facebook. 

March 25th Web Tec Meeting

posted Mar 26, 2015, 11:20 PM by Margaret Riel   [ updated Apr 3, 2015, 5:21 PM ]

The WebTec group met on Wednesday, March 25 at 2:30pm PT and reviewed the work done 
and to be done on the website.  
Present were:
Margaret Riel,
Rich McPherson, 
Jennifer Robins 
Linnea Rademaker


Rich-- Made the following changes 
1) Developing a map graphic for the sponsors.  Right now it does not have individual links 
for the sponsors, but he is working on it. Possible solution is to have it the map link to a 
page with links for each sponsor. 
2) Added icon links to facebook, youtube and now our new twitter sites. 

            To be done....

1) Fix sponsors. Make additions of two Journal sponsors and create a linked page that 
lists all the sponsors withs links to schools. 

2) Fix various pieces of the Knowledge Mobilization pages, specifically the 
Story Telling page. Need to move information over.

Linnea -- Membership is getting under control.  There is a process including a welcome 
message that gets sent to new members with all of the information that they need.  We 
are still low on membership but they are slowly coming in.  More are likely to be bundled 
with the conference registration. 

    To be done...
       1) Explore emailing tools
       2) Continue to process new memberships

Jennifer - Has created a seamless link for the collaboration groups so that they can work 
on their pages without any risks to the main website.  Need to check to make sure 
the site is shared with all group members.  

    To be done
     1) to develop ideas for how to support the development of groups.  

Margaret -  Monitoring the site and making small changes in response to requests.   

    To be done...
       1) Talk to Peter about including the link for the discussion at the end of every post 
       2) Work on tech support and FAQ
       3) Invite Tammy Marich (twitter person)  to join the Web-Tec group

The group skill is developing providing for continual evolution of our connections. 

Feb 25 ARNA Web Tech Meeting

posted Feb 25, 2015, 4:07 PM by Margaret Riel

Present for the meeting:  

  • Margaret Riel, Facilitator, Site Structure and design
  • Linnea Rademaker, Membership, member sign in and membership listing
  • Jamie Hill, Conference Proceedings and facebook
  • Rich McPherson, YouTube Channel and Conference and Story Telling 
  • Jennifer Robins, Collaborative groups and networking
The web committee is working well and the web site continue to evolve with all of the good 
ideas and input of the group.  

Monthly Reports:             

Linnea Rademaker: 

MEMBERSHIP Membership drive is in place and Linnea reported on the message that was sent out with a certificate that 
inidicates membership.  There are still some glitches in the information flow and some of it is around the 
issues of sponsorship since these have memberships that need to be indicated and when they change, 
without the email of the people, it is hard to reach the people.  Signup to the website seems to be 
working.  Margaret agree to format the incoming information on the member listing.  Soon we will 
have to make a decision about removing founding members that have not renewed.
To do (Lineea) : Continue working with new and returning members 
         (Margaret): Update entries with formatting and sorting

Rick McPerson: 
  SOCIAL MEDIA: Rich has completed work on the YouTube and is helping with the Facebook.  We discussed how to feature 
these links on the website.  We decided to having them in the menu on the left might be good way plan
for these links.  

CONFERENCE: The conference link has a new graphic interface and Rick is updating other parts of the 
site as well.  

STORY TELLING  - For knowledge Mobilization story telling, he wants to have a feature story.  He will be working
on the existing site and then when he has it ready to go, we are thinking about how to feature it.  Maybe a video 
link on the first page un Peter's Blog and an announcement each time a new story is featured. 

To do (Rich) Link the images on knowledge mobilzation to the pages
                   Develop graphic interface for knowledge mobilization (like conference page) 
                   Continue to work on video story telling 

 Jamie Hill: 

        PROCEEDINGS - Site is in great shape.  It sets the standard for spinnoff sites.  We need to have the branded as 
part of the site but also clear that it is different.  We discussed this and decided and a link back to the hom site 
is an important way for the person to know where they are and how to get back. 

To do (Jamie) : Find the best way to make the movement between the home and proceedings home as seamless
                       as possible. 

Jenny Robins:

COLLABORATION GROUP  - Jenny designed a new home for the collaborative groups.  This is ready to go 
live.  It will not look much different from the user side as the menu and look is the same as the website. 
The reason for doing this space and saftey. The groups can have as much webspace as they would like 
without it adding to the size of the website. And safety in that they cannot do any harm to the main website.  
They can be owners and if something goes wrong, it will be easy for Jenny to fix it.  So they an complete 
control without there being a risk to other information.  (operations groups will stay on the main website 
but we need to get the other groups to post short and concise monthy updates of their work.

 To do: (Jenny) Contact the leaders of each of the collaborative groups and help them to learn how to use 
            website to keep organized. 
            Remind groups to take pictures at the conference that can be used for the website. 

Margaret Riel: 

LANGUAGE TRANSLATION We have completed the shift to the new way of doing translation.  
I have not been able to test the translation correction process.  I did change my computer 
to French to try it but then I could not understand what I was being asked
to do.  So to test the correction of the translation, I will need to find either a bilingual 
techie or be co-present with a computer and bilingual person.
Language translation appears to be working in so far as we have not heard any complaints. But we  
need to have create a survey that examines this and other issues with the website perhaps for 
the conference or to be distributed before the conference.

TALK BACK TO PETER  We needed a way for people to respond to Peter's blog without having to 
signin to the site.  We solved this problem with a public google group forum posted on the web which 
allows for threaded discussions.  That seems to be working well.  We talked about when a google 
group of facebook discussion might be the right implementation. 

Suggestion for change is to have the menu button read Need Help?  Then have a contact list 
and tech help as options

To do (margaret) : Tech Help needs updating (both pages and the links to it)  
                            Back up maintanience  (make a current copy delete old ones) 

Great teamwork is happening in the WebDev group!  The task is no longer so large as there are different people in charge of 
the sections of the website. 

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