Editorial Team

The ARNA Proceedings Editorial Team was charged with the significant and exciting task of establishing procedures and protocols for the submission, review and publication of ARNA’s proceedings. In keeping with the spirit of ARNA and in collaboration with the members of the ARNA Coordinating Group, the Proceedings Editorial Team’s work was guided by the principles of inclusivity, multi-vocality and diversity. As a result, the ARNA Conference Proceedings include manuscripts written in both English and Spanish languages and contributed by practitioners and researcher from each of the ARNA Conference presentation categories (i.e., roundtable, poster, symposium, working group, workshop and paper presentations).

The ARNA Conference Proceedings processes and procedures will continue to evolve and mature over time. As an old saying goes, “Every ending is a new beginning;” with each chapter closed with publication, we open new pages. We plan to reflect on our experiences to continue refining the review processes and procedures associated with subsequent ARNA Proceedings publications.

We welcome your feedback. Please do not hesitate to leave us a comment by visiting the ARNA Proceedings Editorial Team working space.

You could also contact the members of the ARNA Proceedings Editorial Team that includes:

Elena Polush, Lead Editor, eypolush@bsu.edu

Tara Flynn, Associate Editor, tara.c.flynn@gmail.com

Heather Leaman, Associate Editor, HLeaman@wcupa.edu

Jamie Hill, Webmaster, Associate Editor, jamiehill.jah@gmail.com

Nathan Snyder, Associate Editor, NathanCharlesSnyder@gmail.com

Nathalis G. Wamba, Associate Editor, nathalis.wamba@mymail.qc.cuny.edu

(excerpts from "About - ARNAproceedings")