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Operations Committees and Working Groups - 2015-2016

These groups constitute the formal leadership of ARNA

ARNA selected an operations groups structure for its leadership. This step was taken to guide ARNA operationally while providing a variety of opportunities for active involvement by network members. The groups listed below are now operational and meet regularly. Some post their meeting notes on the website.

On July 1, 2015 a new Coordinating Group and Executive Committee took office based on election results from April-May. This group will serve until June 30, 2016. Elections for the ARNA Coordinating Group take place in April of each year.

ARNA Coordinating GroupJoe Shosh, Chair, USA
John Peters, Conference Co-Chair, USA
Lonnie Rowell, Knowledge Mobilization, USA
Shelley Yearley, Treasurer, Canada
Miguel Angel Lopez, ARNA en Espanol Facilitator, Mexico
Margaret Riel, Web & Tech Facilitator, USA
Candace Kaye, Interest Groups Facilitator, USA
Mary McAteer, CARN Liaison, England
Elena Polush, Proceedings Lead Editor, USA
Kurt Clausen, Canadian Association for Action Research in Education Liaison, Canada
Holly Marich,  Membership Coordinator, USA

ARNA Executive Committee                                                        

Joe Shosh, Chair, USA
Lonnie Rowell, Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator, USA
Shelley Yearley, Treasurer, Canada
Margaret Riel, Web & Tech Facilitator, USA
Holly Marich, Membership Coordinator, USA

ARNA en Espanol

Miguel Angel Lopez Montoya, Facilitator, Mexico

Membership, Sponsorships, and Affiliations

Holly Marich, USA, Facilitator, USA

Jack Whitehead, UK
Linnea Rademaker, USA
Knowledge MobilizationLonnie Rowell, Coordinator, USA
Donna Azodi, USA
Kurt Clausen, Canada
Sarah Negrete, USA
Elena Polush, USA
Brittany Wilczewski, USA

2016 Conference Planning Committee

John Peters, (Co-Chair), USA
Doris Santos (Co-Chair), Colombia
Janine Al-Aseer, Conference Coordinator, USA
Blair Niblett, Program Chair, Canada
Mary McAteer, CARN representative, UK
Damian Beaman, USA
Mary Jane Moran, USA
Janel Seely, USA
Rachel Sherman, USA
Andrew Seidler, USA
Maranda Ward, USA
Susan Williams, USA

Web and Technology Development

Margaret Riel, Facilitator, USA 
Linnea Rademaker, Membership, USA
Brett Campbell, Mapping of Membership, USA 
Jennifer Robins, ARC Groups, USA
Camilo Manchola, ARNA Spanish Language Website, Brazil 
Miguel Angel Lopez Montoya, ARNA Spanish Language Website, Mexico 
ARNA Conference Proceedings Editorial Working Group Elena Polush, Lead Editor, USA 
Heather Leaman, Associate Editor, USA
Tara Flynn, Associate Editor, Canada
Jamie Hill, Webmaster, Associate Editor, USA
Nathan Snyder, Associate Editor, USA
Nathalis G. Wamba, Associate Editor, USA


If you are a member of ARNA and wish to participate in one of the operations groups shown above, please contact ARNA Chair Joe Shosh at The operational groups provide unique opportunities for in-the-trenches participation in maintaining and developing the first action research network covering the entire Western Hemisphere, 8700 miles (14,00 km) from south to north. Get involved now and be a part of ARNA leadership!