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Action Research Communities (ARCs)

New Action Research Communities are established as the needs and interests of ARNA members evolve. At present we have six group (listed below). The average time per month for involvement in an ARNA Action Research Community (based on anecdotal evidence from current participants): 4-16 hours. This is an excellent service involvement for people in higher education and a wonderful networking and leadership experience for all.  To join a community, contact the facilitator, to create a new group contact Rachel Sherman. 


ARNA Action Research Communities (ARCs)

Early Childhood EducationCandace Kaye, USA (Co-Facilitator)

Mina Kim, USA (Co-Facilitator)
School Counseling

Shelley Boniwell, USA (Member)
Suzy Thomas, USA (Group Consultant)
Kathleen Smith, USA (Co-Coordinator)
Mica Nereu, USA (Member)
Morgan Urbany, USA (Co-Coordinator)
Lonnie Rowell, USA (Member)

School Leadership

Fabiola Bagula, USA (Facilitator) 

Randy Ziegenfuss, USA (Member)
Teacher EducationHolly Marich

Environmental EducationRuben Amaya
Sara Garcia

Indigenous People's KnowledgeDanielle Blair
Ruth Beatty

If you are a member of ARNA and wish to participate in one of the working groups shown above, please contact Rachel Sherman at The working groups provide unique opportunities for in-the-trenches participation in creating the first action research network covering the entire Western Hemisphere, 8700 miles (14,00 km) from south to north.
Join ARNA, join one of our working groups, and make a difference!

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