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ARNACONNECT is both a website and wiki-web site. If you are not a member, or you are a member but have not "signed in" it operates as a website.  You can click around to all of the pages and read what has been posted.  As a member you can sign in to the wiki-website  (wiki means fast) which enables you to use basic word processing skills to to share your ideas on the website.  With a wiki-website, you can be both a reader and designer. For the ARNA wiki, being one of the many web developers is a benefit of membership.  We hope you will want to  become a member  

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Frequently Asked Questions about Membership:

* I am a member, I don't see how to edit the webspace?

1) Once you become a member, you should receive a message from the website that looks something like this signalling that you can log in and edit the site:
If you have received this message you are now ready to log in to the website (using the email shown in the message you received).  This gives you permission to help develop the website by adding resources or creating content in your working group. If you want to ch
Margaret Riel
ange the email, say to your gmail account, or add another one, please send an email to Margaret Riel (Web Development Working Group Facilitator) indicating the email you would to use with the website. 

2) Verification of your email
The first time you sign in, if you are using an email that is new to google, you will have to verify your identification. 

This for first screencast will walk you through this process.
  • How to sign-in to the website   (new video coming soon)

* I am a member and I am signed in, how do I make changes?
Below are some short "screencast" videos to help you get comfortable with the technology.  If you make a mistake, we can always revert to an earlier version of a page so don't worry. Take a little time and become familiar with ARNACONNECT: We want your participation!

Here is a basic guide to the types of changes you can make and how to make them. 

(these videos are with the earlier design of the site and need to be revised with the current look.) 
  • How to interact with this website.   (video)
  • Reverting to an earlier version (video)

If you are new to google sites, here are some general videos to help you thinking about editing the pages.... It is worth watching one of these videos. 

In English:

Editing Google Sites ‎(English)‎

Editing Google Sites (Spanish)