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 Interactive Action Research Tutorials

These tutorials are offered by the Center for Collaborative Action Research and are freely available 

for anyone who wants to learn more about action research.  The intention is to make learning about 

action research a self directed activity and then save group or class time for discussion of the action 

                                               research plans of the people involved. 


The Action Research Guide was originally produced to encourage and support those who had expressed an

interest in undertaking action research. Since then, many ALs have completed their action research

enquiries and provided us with feedback. We have updated the Guide in response to this feedback and

have included some examples of ALs’ projects and quotes from their reports.

Areol, action research and evaluation on line, is a 14-week public course offered twice a year as a public service

 by ALARA, the Action Learning Action Research Association Inc.

Individual sessions are briefly described below. (For a more detailed description see the fourth orientation file: click here)

There are four orientation sessions and 14 sessions that can be accessed online.