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Action Research Online Open Course
Margaret Riel is developing an online course on action research which can be found the Center for Collaborative Action Research

The Public Science Project--directed by Michelle Fine; As the web site explains, "We believe social science can play an important role in the struggle for social justice. Participatory Action Research (PAR) provides a critical framework for making science – systematic inquiry and analysis – a public enterprise. Allied with feminist, critical race, and indigenous theory, PAR is an approach to research that values the significant knowledge people hold about their lives and experiences.

Center for Collaborative Action Research - 
The Center for Collaborative Action Research (CCAR)  links together educators, researchers, and community members. The Center's aim is to create deep understanding of educational problems in a range of different contexts including but not limited to schools, and to encourage evidence-based reasoning to solve these problems.  It includes an Interactive guide to Teaching and Learning Action Research with Technology. The purpose of this  interactive side of CCAR is to invite the action research community to collective share their wisdom of how to support action research.