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First Time Visitor

  WELCOME to the Interactive Side of Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA)                    

We have created a website that can be read by visitors and edited by members. In keeping with the democratic, multi-voice, multiple perspectives stance of action research, we invite our members to join us as web developers to help create the future of ARNA-connect.  For first-time visitors, we hope you will look around the site, see the potential for your involvement and become a member  We are a growing network and welcome active participation!

We hope you will come in and look around and either find what you need, or join us to help design it so that others like you will find what they need.  

As a first time visitor, you might want to ..

1) Watch this video about how ARNA got started.  It can also be found in "About ARNA"  where you will find out more about the history of ARNA and our vision for the future.

2) Check out the "Resources" and think about what resources you will add to the site when you become a member. 

3) ARNA Member Directory" and think about joining us.  It is a bit like joining your public radio station-- you don't have to join but it is good for all if you do. 

4) Go to “Groups” and explore the Action Research Communities (ARCs)  of ARNA. If you become a member you can join one of these communities. l

5) Visit us on social media:



Thinking about Action Research

Action research involves inquiry into areas of concern or challenge facing communities and practitioners. These concerns are most often linked to education, health and health care, social services, poverty, hunger, and other social justice issues. Practitioner- researchers identify the problem, develop actions to help alleviate some part of the problem, and evaluate the impact of the interventions. In this way it is ‘action’ oriented. Action researchers systematically collect and analyze data to obtain credible answers to questions. In this way, it is 'research' oriented.

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