2014 Conference Call

Call for Proposals for the 2014 Conference 

"Enacting Our Beliefs—The So-What of Action Research"

Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA)
Second Annual Conference 
On the Campus of Moravian College
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 
May 22-24.



Reason and Bradbury assert that “action without reflection and understanding is blind” (2008, 4). In the context of action research and the goals of the Action Research Network of the Americas, we agree, but we also understand an inverse phenomenon – reflection and understanding without action is ethically, intellectually and socially flawed.  The transformative nature of research is central to our action research work and, as such, we conjecture that research without action is equally ineffectual. One could argue that action research is necessarily, and by nature, action oriented, but how much attention are we paying to and reporting on explicit outcomes of action research for participants? How, and in what circumstances, is participation in action research beneficial and for whom? Has the research had any impact on the larger community? How do we know? How does action research shift or transform practice, actions and ways of engaging in our complex world? The 2014 ARNA conference will explore this theme of “Enacting our Beliefs—The So-What of Action Research” through symposia, panel discussions, workshops, poster presentations, roundtable dialogues, and working group meetings. Proposals that focus on the theoretical and practical outcomes of a wide range of action research activity including participatory action research projects are welcomed.


Reason, P., & Bradbury, H. (2008). Handbook of Action Research: Participative inquiry and practice 2nd edition. London: Sage Publications.



All sessions will be 1 and one quarter hours in length.


Round Table Dialogues

These sessions allow for a more informal discussion of research undertaken or an area of interest. Presenters will be paired with another similar research project.   During the session, it is expected that each presenter would provide a brief (5-10 minute) overview of his or her action research.  A computer screen/tablet may be used to share some artifacts and resources that would be appropriate.  The sharing will be followed by a discussion with other attendees which can focus on connections across projects, opportunities to enhance the work, considerations for next steps, or other areas of mutual interest.


Paper Presentations

This is an individual submission for a formal presentation of research undertaken.  The session will be comprised of three related research projects, as determined by the conference committee.  Each presenter will have 15 minutes to share his or her work. Following the individual presentation, there will be a 5 minute question period. At the conclusion of the three presentations there will be 15 minutes for further discussion and questions.  A moderator will be present to assist with introductions and timing.  An LCD projector and large screen will be available. 


Symposium Presentations

The symposium presentation includes three to four thematically related presentations submitted together, including a discussant.  The allocation of time and discussion format will be indicated within the proposal.  An LCD projector and large screen will be available.


Poster Presentation

Graphic displays of action research projects will allow for individuals to examine the research and discuss the work with the researcher(s).  There will be specific times at which the researcher(s) will be present, although posters will remain on display throughout the conference.


Workshop Session

This interactive format allows for sharing of research actions and findings by engaging participants in the research (i.e., examination of data/artifacts, completion of activities undertaken in the research, consideration of implications) and allowing for a discussion of the findings.  Details of the activities must be included in the proposal.

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