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to the Conference overview page! Here you will find information on past and upcoming conferences. ARNA has held three conferences to date and are in the planning phases of the 2016 Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.  Archives of the previous conferences will give provide a glimpse of our joyfull and stimulating gatherings: 

Please join us in Tennessee! 
2016 Conference Website: 

The ARNA Conference Committee is working on the developing the website, call from proposals, and the program for the 2016 Conference now. 

Elena Polush wrote this reflection on the 2014 conference in Bethlehem...  
"Last week I attended the 2014 Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA) annual conference hosted by Moravian College and held in a historical city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and on the historical campus that was also the first college that opened its doors for women. ARNA  is a growing and vibrant community of researchers and practitioners who envisage, imagine, live their lives, and express themselves within a co-created space (both physical and virtual) to share, collaborate, contribute, and make a difference from within and through others.  This is an active community. If you want to find and to belong to a community that is engaged, self-organizing and actively involved in action, ARNA is the place. Our work doesn’t end with an annual conference completion. In fact, the annual conference is to inspire, reflect on the lived through experiences, generate new ideas, celebrate accomplishments, reflect on challenges, and form new working groups (to name just a few) to open a new chapter in our personal and collaborative (collective) journeys to keep on keeping on. In the field of evaluation, the belief is that ‘evaluation is a blue print of a better future.’ I’ve embraced and extended this view to research. Empowered by my ARNA community, research is a blue print of a better future when action grounded in social justice is one of its core principles. Inclusivity, multi vocality, and social justice are the ARNA governing principles."  -- May 29, 2014

Feel free to add your comments about any of the conferences you have attended