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The ARNA ARCs are being updated.

posted Jun 11, 2015, 5:36 PM by Candace Kaye   [ updated Jun 13, 2015, 11:16 AM ]
"ARC" is an acronym for Action Research Communities.  You are invited to go to the link in the Groups pulldown menu above to find the six current ARNA ARCs (plus one, Global Collaborations, which is in progress of being opened). At the ARNA leadership meeting in Toronto, we voted unanimously to change the name of the groups from the ARNA Collaborative Interest Groups to ARNA Action Research Communities [or ARCs]. The word 'arc' represents  several metaphors for our work - 'a part of a circle', 'a sustained luminous charge,' and 'a continuous progression of development.'  Please check the ARC link during the next few months as the ARCs continue to grow and post information on their activities and initiatives.  After going to the ARC link, please be in touch if you would like more information, want to be a part of an existing ARC, or wish to propose establishing a new ARC. To become a member of an existing ARC, simply contact the person identified as the coordinator or facilitator of the group you wish to connect with.