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South African Education Research Association Announces Call for Papers

posted Mar 7, 2016, 5:24 AM by Joe Shosh
The SAERA executive would like to invite you to its 4th
annual conference to be hosted by the Faculty of Education, Stellenbosch University

Conference dates

Sunday 23 to Wednesday 26 October 2016


Cape Sun hotel, Cape Town

Conference theme

Reimagining Education: Poetics, Practices and Pedagogies

Conference theme

South Africa is a country of challenges, and none more so than when it comes to the education of its

children, young people and also its adults. Ours is a country of poor literacy levels, pass rates and poor

performance. South Africa, however, is also a country of opportunity, hope and potential. It is in this light

that the conference endeavours to reimagine an education system that can help all of South Africa’s people

live up to their full academic potential. The deliberations at this conference are founded on the pursuit of

educational renewal based on intellectual integrity, rigour and critical illumination. As poetics, the pursuit

of the ‘idea’ is pivotal to generating quality education scholarship. As Edward Said (1996) explains, our

intellectual task is not always a matter of being a critic of government, but rather thinking of the

intellectual vocation as a maintaining of a state of constant alertness, of perpetual willingness not to let

half-truths or received ideas steer one along. At the heart of our reimagining is the struggle to establish a

rigorous research platform for our educational work that balances this intellectual task with the

performative demands of our universities. The conference intends to engage head-on with South Africa’s

educational challenges, and to reimagine a system within which the children, students and adults of our

country can flourish. It will focus on institutional cultures, practice-based teaching and learning

endeavours, and the centrality of curriculum and pedagogy in revitalising teaching and learning. The

conference will aim to contribute to a knowledge base that builds on research being done to reimagine

education in the light of the complex and diverse challenges that confront education for sustainable

change. It seeks to consider research that goes beyond schooling by also addressing current matters

concerning higher, further and adult education. The conference will focus, among others, on questions of

policy, language and literacy, educational psychology, inclusion, social justice and equity.

We call for papers / posters / panel discussions that address one or more of the following themes:

 Reimagining the epistemological / methodological terms of educational renewal

 Reimagining educational systems and institutional change

 Reimagining teaching and learning cultures

 Reimagining teacher education policy and practice

 Reimagining how students experience educational access and success

 Reimagining curriculum and pedagogy

 Reimagining postgraduate study and thesis supervision

 Reimagining language, literacy and learning

 Reimagining professional educator identity

 Reimagining intersections of communities and education

 Reimaging data of, and for, education policy and practice

 Reimagining educational management, leadership, policy and law

 Reimagining Maths, Science, Technology education

 Reimagining education systems for social justice

The programme will include presentation of papers (20 minutes) followed by 10 minutes for discussion and

poster presentations. There will also be panel sessions of 90 minutes and special interest group (SIG)

sessions. Panel discussions will comprise three or more presenters who all focus on the same theme.

We invite you to submit abstracts for:

1) individual paper: 300 to 400 words, paper title, names (s) of presenter(s), affiliation(s) and email

address(es), 4 to 6 keywords.

2) panel presentations: 1 000 words, panel topic, a 1 000 words panel description, panel chairperson

and names of panel participants, affiliation and email addresses of participants, 4 to 6 keywords.

3) Posters: 300 word, poster title, names (s) of presenter(s), affiliation(s) and email address(es), 4


Abstracts must be done on MS Word format.

Submission of abstracts must be done via the conference’s internet platform at: 


Abstract submission: 30 May 2016

Notification of abstract acceptance: 15 July 2016

Registration date open: 1 March 2016

Final date for registration: 30 September 2016


Details of registration fees, accommodation, transport, can be accessed at: