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posted Oct 31, 2015, 12:07 AM by Joe Shosh   [ updated Nov 5, 2015, 9:35 PM by Lonnie Rowell ]
The Educational Forum is seeking articles for its Fall 2016 themed issue: “Teaching and Learning Teacher Research.”

Volume 80, No. 4 – Fall 2016

THEME/Focus: Teacher research, practitioner inquiry, and other related forms of classroom and school-focused research are rarely taught, learned, or lived in isolation. In highlighting the interactive complexity of classroom life, such research often necessitates collaboration and shared learning among teachers, students, and other members of the educational community. However, very little has been written about how these connected and reflective dimensions are taught, learned, and lived.

For this reason, The Educational Forum (TEF) has chosen to structure this themed issue in a specific way. TEF is seeking paired texts that explore the interconnected nature of teacher research across settings and perspectives. This call seeks paired practice-based research reports and essays written by two (or more) authors who represent different perspectives or roles within the research process, although they may share similar understandings. Authors should prepare two joined texts: one that discusses a critical feature or principle of teaching teacher research and one that illustrates how that feature is realized or problematized in teacher research and practice. Thesetwo texts, in any order, would constitute one complete article. Examples could include, but are not limited to: 
  • A university faculty member’s or research facilitator’s discussion of teaching about subjectivity management paired with a Pre-K through 12 practitioner’s discussion on incorporating subjectivity into research. 
  • A school principal’s reflection on using journals as a critical method for capturing the qualitative elements of her daily practice paired with a teacher research facilitator’s exploration of what is learned from practitioners about the role of journaling in data collection and findings.
  • A teacher’s description of the challenges and benefits of becoming a more reflective practitioner paired with a discussion of how to develop the dispositions of becoming a practitioner-researcher

As shown in each case above, the pairing should highlight a critical aspect of teaching teacher research with an illustrative discussion of how that aspect has worked in the practice of a particular teacher, school administrator, support staff member, or other school-based practitioner. It is hoped that the paired texts will offer vivid illustrations of the theory-practice-learning connections that are at the core of classroom- and school-generated research.

Each pair of texts should not exceed 7,000 words total (divided in any proportion between the two perspectives), including a single, combined reference list. Submit a single manuscript file, with the two texts already

               Submission deadline: Monday, February 1, 2016
Submissions must be made at: 
- Please include the code 804 at the beginning of your manuscript title.

For more information, authors are encouraged to contact an issue co-editor: Dr. Alan Amtzis (, Dr. Ryan Flessner (, or Dr. Mary Klehr (