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posted May 14, 2015, 11:38 AM by Lonnie Rowell

ARNA and AERA-AR-SIG are looking for a person to serve as the Liaison between these two groups-- this would be a joint appointment in the leadership of two organizations. With ARNA this would mean serving on the ARNA Coordinating Group for the period July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016. The person filling this position must be a current member of both groups. 

The person serving as the Liaison Representative between ARNA and AERA will be in a leadership role in both organizations and will help the two groups work together in support of action research as much as possible.  This includes sharing information at conferences, and advising the leadership of both organization regarding ideas to help develop the larger community of action researchers in the academy and in organizations and communities. 

 Role and Responsibilities

1) Needs to be a member of both organizations 

2) Appointed by the chair of both organizations 

3) Participates in the leadership meetings of both organizations 

   AERA: This would mean being a part of the leadership team participating in 

               email and occasional conference calls to plan SIG  activities over 

               the year and at the AERA conference. 

    ARNA: The liaison would meet with the coordinating committee every 

                other month for about 2 hours and would have a voice and vote 

                on issues that are related to the community and planning for the yearly conference. 

 In both organizations, this is an appointed position and needs to be approved by the Chair of both AERA and ARNA. Either organization can suggest names and the chairs will consider the nominations and appoint this person each year in the April/May time frame.