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Flipped Classroom Delphi Study Participants Wanted

posted Oct 10, 2017, 8:50 AM by Rich McPherson

The following message is from Nathan Snyder. Please see message and links below.

Dear ARNA Community-

I am inviting you to participate in a Delphi study designed to identify the unique characteristics of the pedagogical method, flipped learning, from those who use it and advocate for its use, including secondary-level and college-level teachers. If you agree to participate, you will be asked to clarify what pedagogical attributes should be associated with flipped learning to coalesce educators’ understanding of its use.  The goal of this effort is to operationalize what is meant by flipped learning and to identify its features, through analysis of experts’ opinions, that lead to successful implementation of its use in the classroom.


If you wish to be considered as a participant, please complete the brief demographic questionnaire located at:


Below, I’ve provided more details about the time commitment and scope of the study. 


Thank you for your consideration,


Nathan Snyder

Fordham University




Delphi Study Details:

 Who is conducting and funding the study:  Nathan Charles Snyder, Principal Investigator, and Ph.D. candidate within the Contemporary Learning and Interdisciplinary Research program within Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education.

What you will be asked to do in the study: If you decide to participate, you will serve as part of an expert panel in a Delphi study.  In this type of study, you will take a series of electronic, iterative surveys asking about flipped learning and its use.  After each round, you will be able to see the answers, although anonymous, from the other participants in the panel.  You may also elect to revise a previous answer to any of the survey questions.  While it is not possible to predict how many rounds will take place before overall consensus is reached, Delphi studies typically last three to five rounds.

Time required:  You will take three to five brief surveys, 20 questions or fewer, that will not exceed a few months’ time-span and should take no longer than 30-minutes to complete per round. 

Risks and Benefits:  There are minimal risks involved with this study.  You will be anonymous to the other panel and no information will be published that could be linked to your identity. The benefits of participating in this study include helping to identify the most effective features of flipped learning to enhance its implementation.

Compensation:  No compensation is offered to participate in this study.

Confidentiality: Your identity will be kept confidential to the extent provided by law. Your information will be assigned a code number that is unique to this study. The list connecting your name to this number will be kept on a password-protected computer] and only my doctoral advisor, Dr. Fran Blumberg, and I will be able to see the list.  No one at Fordham University will be able to see data or even know whether you participated in this study. When the study is completed and the data have been analyzed, the list will be destroyed. Study findings will be presented only in summary form and your name will not be used in any report.

            Since this study will be conducted online, any form of communication over the internet does carry a minimal risk of loss of confidentiality. Qualtrics will be used to administer the online survey and is recognized as a safe and secure survey tool in the research industry.