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Our Vision for the Future

We envision multiple layers of collaborative action where

  • local action research efforts improve professional practice, leading to a demonstrable greater good for all participants;
  • practitioner inquiries, where appropriate, are coordinated and celebrated across regions, extending the benefits of the inquiry to wider constituencies;
  • action research methodologies and findings are shared within nations to form openly accessible data bases of practitioner inquiries and to inform policy decisions;
  • action researchers from diverse points of the Americas come together both virtually and physically to share action research findings and support one another in promoting local, regional, national, and international agendas promoting practitioner inquiry.

Early in its’ development, ARNA leadership adopted a set of Operational and Strategic Priorities. These priorities have guided the network in establishing initiatives and holding the leadership accountable. We now are working to establish ARNA’s first Three Year Strategic Plan. The current draft of the priorities is shown below. The ARNA Coordinating Group will complete the process of adopting the Three Year Strategic Plan during summer and fall 2014. Member input on ARNA priorities was sought through a recently completed member survey. Further input will be requested in Fall 2014. 

• Development of the premiere action research conference in the Americas in alignment with mission & vision of ARNA 

• Use of 21st century multimodal technologies internally and externally to promote action research, including expansion of multimodal technology use in conjunction with ARNA conferences, seminars, and symposiums 

• Procurement of 501c(3) non-profit status for ARNA 

• Continued recruitment of new membership, especially practitioners in non-university settings 

• Development of an electronic action research journal in conjunction with further development of ARNA website 

• Continued development of ARNA website, with expanded features and functions that help attract visitors and new members 

• Continued development of the working groups structure, including balanced attention to the need for operational committees and working groups and the importance of member engagement in establishing interest-area working groups 

• Development of hemisphere-wide institutional sponsorships and partnerships as an integral part of the ARNA structure 

• Continued strengthening and deepening of the multi-cultural contexts of networking among action researchers in the Western Hemisphere 

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