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The ARNA Leadership Team for 2015-16 

1) ARNA Executive Committee members

2) ARNA Coordinating Group (Executive Committee members are also members of the Coordinating Group)

ARNA Executive  Committee  Comments on Action Research for 2014 Conference

Joseph Shosh
ARNA Chair
Moravian College
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

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  Shelley Yearley
ARNA Treasurer
Ontario Ministry of Education, Ontario, Canada


Holly Marich
Chair of Membership and Sponsorships


Lonnie Rowell
Chair of the Knowledge Mobilization
University of San Diego
San Diego, California, USA

Lonnie Rowell, ARNA Chair

Margaret Riel 
ARNA Web Development Coordinator
Director, Center for Collaborative Action Research

Why Action Research?

2) ARNA Coordinating Group (Executive Committee plus these leaders)

Coordinating Committee Leader  Comments on Action Research

 John Peters
Chair, 2016 ARNA Conference

Miguel Angel Lopez Montoya
ARNA Espanola Working Group, 
Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Mexicali, Mexico 


Mary McAteer, Ph.D. 
CARN Liaison to ARNA
Edge Hill University
Ormskirk, Lancashire, UK

Candace Kaye, USA,
Representing Collaboration Learning Groups

Kurt Clausen
The CAARE representative to ARNA

Elena Polush, 
Proceedings Lead Editor, USA