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Working Groups -2012-2013

ARNA Organizing Committee and Working Groups  

Working Groups were established Nov. 2, 2012 and were operation until May 15, 2013.  The structure of the network was five initiators who formed one group with each of these five people leading or co-leading one of the other four groups.  The organizing committee met every month and discussed the work of each of the groups. 
Organizing Committee Coordinating Group: 
Leadership of the Network and coordination of the work of the groups
    •  Lonnie Rowell
    • Joe Shosh
    • Margaret Riel
    • Eduardo Flores-Kastanis
    • Cathy Bruce 
Web Development Working Group: 
Development of the website and advise on issues related to technology
    • Margaret Riel, Facilitator
    • Brett Campbell
    • Kathryn Shafer
    • Miguel Angel Lopez Montoya
    • Linnea Rademaker 
 The Conference Planning Committee:  
Plan the first ARNA Conference to follow AERA Conference in San Francisco 
    • 2013 Conference Co-Chairs: Lonnie Rowell & Joe Shosh
    • Conference Co-Coordinators: Suzy Thomas & Shelley Boniwell
    • Conference Program Co-Chairs: Shelley Yearley & Geitza Rebolledo
Membership, Sponsors, & Marketing Working Group: 
Develop Plans for developing membership, funding the first conference, and spreading the word about ARNA
    • Cathy Bruce, Facilitator
    • Zaria Davis-Humphries
    • Mia Evans
    • Maria Mercedes Veyna Figueroa
    • Tara Flynn
    • John Peters
Infrastructure Development Working Group: 
Develop Plans for structural development of ARNA, including the transition from a preliminary network organizing phase to a more permanent operational structure for the network.
    • Eduardo Flores-Kastanis, Facilitator
    • Willow Brown
    • Salvador Ponce Ceballos
    • Jim Frabutt
    • Elena Polush