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Leadership Structure

ARNA  Leadership Structure

New in 2015-2016 

1) Leadership Structure. ARNA participation has grown and we believe that a structure is now needed that allows for more input on the network’s operations and more engagement with the ARNA Strategic Priorities. In that context, a two-tier leadership structure has been developed.  

a. The ARNA Executive Committee shall consist of 5-members who meet monthly. The group’s composition shall include: 

  1. The ARNA Chair
  2. The ARNA Treasurer
  3. The Chair of the Members, Sponsorships, and Affiliations Working Group
  4. The Chair of the Knowledge Mobilization Working Group
  5. The Chair of the Web Development & Technology Working Group
         b. The ARNA Coordinating Group shall consist of the following members who meet every other month:

  1. The 5 members of the ARNA Executive Committee (listed above)
  2. At least one of the upcoming conference co-chairs
  3. One member active in working groups formed by members with an interest in particular areas of practice related to action research (e.g. Early Childhood Education Working Group and School Counseling Working Group) and selected through an annual election among ARNA members
  4. A representative from the ARNA en Español Working Group
  5. An AERA Action Research SIG Liaison
  6. The CARN representative to ARNA
  7. The Editor of the Canadian Journal of Actioin Research
  8. One non-chair member of an operational working group, selected through an election among ARNA members

Leadership for 2015 -2016